How To Hide Open Pores


Suruchi asks

My skin is pretty good but those open pores make it look  bad.Actually , it is not that bad but I myself find it difficult to conceal them.Is there any trick, products, foundations or anything which can help me out ?


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  1. Clinique has some new range of product for pore only. They have something to hide the pore under the foundation and also to repair the pores. I use Clinique Pore minimiser. Will share the review soon. Working on it!

  2. Hiya Suruchi,
    Add a toner to your skincare routine 2-3 times a week, if possible rub ur face with ice, dab moisture and then use a primer before makeup, I like NYX primer and for a very lite concealer use Ben Ney cream foundation, they will conceal pores n give a nice even look to the face.
    Pore minimiser creams mite not be that effective + to use one daily is kinda a pain :struggle:


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