How To Hide Stomach Bulge


Months after giving birth I still have tummy.I am desperate to get my figure back but till the time are there anyways to disguise the bulge?I  have  my sister wedding and I don’t want to look ugly 🙁 Please help!





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  1. Right clothes is the mantra my friend. Wearing the right cut clothes will help hide the bulge. Wearing clothes that draw attention from your mid riff or accentuate some other body part. Like a superb neckline or a wonderful neck piece can grab all the attention. A line clothing and not fitted ones will help too. Wear darker colored bottoms to create illusion for flatter stomach.
    And bodysuits help to some extent, if you comfy. Or even a Tummy tucker can reduce a few inches temporarily.
    Mainly, start your excercie routines right away, hydrate yourself well. You feel fit you will look fab.

  2. a good corset? But I’m sure you have thought of that already!
    Or just keep holding the baby… no one will notice the bulge, you’ll make such a pretty picture together!


  3. Hi,
    I’ve been in the same place too, still not totally out of the problem, but either my tummy is lesser obvious or I know how to disguise it 🙂

    Kapalbhati pranayam helps a lot in reducing the tummy size and giving a great skin. Search on the net for Baba Ramdev’s videos if you are new to it.
    Make sure you eat only when hungry. Also try n have a fixed schedule for food/snacks. Even healthy snack at odd time can give a bloated tummy.

    About dressing,
    First n foremost, Do get some good foundation garments. check all that’s available in the market n choose what suits you. Get used to wearing it anytime u r out.

    For the dress/saree, Select fabrics that don’t cling. Think Georgette, crepe..

    avoid anything that’s tight on the tummy area, let the fabric fall n flow.

    Avoid details on the dress/saree around tummy area

    Pull attention up towards the face – with nice neckline, necklace, some awesome make up 🙂

    Lastly, do all you can to feel good and be yourself. If you are damn confident about your look, chances are people will feel the same.

    Have fun 🙂


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