How To Highlight Face With Makeup – Indian Skin


How To Highlight Face With Makeup – Indian Skin

Hello Wise She Beauties,

Today I am here with an interesting post and an easy step by step tutorial related to using a highlighter on the face and keeping the face makeup in co-ordination with the makeup for Indian Skin.


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Wise She has always been a step ahead in telling about the latest trends in the makeup world. We have covered so many posts on the right makeup techniques related to makeup so that more and more beauties are able to master themselves in the art of makeup.

Highlighting & Contouring have gained tremendous popularity among so many makeup loving women and the neutral makeup look using these two techniques is the latest hit, be it the runway fashion of that preferred by celebrities.

Today I am here to mainly talk about the basics of highlighting and the how-to’s of it. I recently tried a highlighter from Loreal and so I thought of sharing a quick tutorial on how one can easily use a highlighter with makeup.


highlighter makeup basics


Highlighting, as the name suggests, is basically a makeup technique which works on highlighting or accentuating the features of the face. A highlighter basically projects the facial features and gives a light dewy sheen which appears to be a natural glow. Highlighters should not be mistaken with concealers which hide imperfections of the face like dark circles or blemishes. A highlighter is also very different from foundation which works to give a matte and smooth even toned base to the face.

There are so many highlighter options available these days like Powder highlighters, Liquid highlighters, Cream highlighters and one can easily pick up the type which suits their skin type.

Well, now comes the most important part of Highlighting and that happens to be the certain areas or features of the face which need to be accentuated for a perfect glowing makeup look.

Below I have summed up few points where I have mentioned the right areas where one should focus while highlighting the face.

Highlighter on Forehead-

Starting from the forehead, highlighting the T-zone will give a perfect dimension to the forehead.

Contoruing Kim Kardishan look how to do contouring

Highlighting The Bridge of Nose-

Highlighting the nose has certain advantages as it tends to give a sharp look to the nose. Those who have wide nose can easily go for highlighting and make their nose look slender. In case , one has a very narrow nose, then applying highlighter on the tip gives a little wider look to the nose.

Highlighting on the Brow Bone-

Applying highlighter on the brow bone is certainly a good idea for those who have dark circles or have small eyes. This will open up the eyes making them look comparatively bigger and divert the attention from the dark under eye area.

Highlighting The Cupid’s Bow-

This trick is for those who have a very thin upper lip line as it tends to give fuller lips once the cupid’s bow is highlighted.

Indian Contouring guide

Highlighting The Cheek bones-

Applying blush and highlighting the cheek bones is more or less similar. Highlighting the cheek bones gives a more chiseled jawline and bring out the apples of the cheek.

Highlighting The Chin-

Applying highlighter on the chin area tends to project the lips beautifully and can make your lips look all pouty and plumping. 🙂

Contouring Indian skin

Well, these were some of the most basic things one needs to take care of while maintaining the fact that makeup blending by far stands the most important thing for any makeup to look flawless & perfect.

Have you tried highlighting makeup on your skin?

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  1. U r a contouring expert Anamika.. Awesome tips 🙂
    I do contour whenever I apply makeup, but still not in the habit of highlighting.. M sure dis will help 🙂


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