More Anvika’s Birthday Shopping , Planning & Organising


Hello everyone!

This weekend too I was busy organizing and planning thing for my baby’s first birthday party. We invited everyone last week and then thought of calling them again. There are around 50 families so it was quite a task calling everyone again. After one hour it gets a little monotonous too but it’s special as well.

I also wanted to finish last minute shopping as there are hardly any days left. By the way everyone asking me about the party tomorrow but we are hosting the party on Sunday so that everyone can make it. Moreover we get to celebrate one more day which I always like :). I always find it fantastic to have birthday weeks or anniversary week πŸ˜›

I am sharing everything before hand with you because once the party is over, I know my enthusiasm will die down. This happens to me all the time .




Bracelet diamond


I bought this bracelet yesterday from Globus. It has a gold outlining with diamond and silver work on it. It looked pretty royal and costed just INR 500. I am not sure I am going to wear it but it looked pretty. Something which I would love to wear it with my LBD or any dinner party.


beautiful accesories globus


I ordered these from .It matched the gold tone of my outfit. I wish I would have gone for nail art but my nails are in bad shape and these only seems to be the right option to me .


Gold nails for party


I haven’t shared Anvika’s dress with you as I want to keep it a a surprise but looking at the pink shoes you know it will be a hot pink dress. I was looking for flowery and sparkle shoes but didn’t get any in her size. She has long feet I guess. Got these from Dora which is in Lifestyle.I was surprised to see that even mother care and some of other popular brands didn’t have many options in party shoes for babies.


Baby shoes pink hot


I got these for last minute back up. I made her wear both the shoes yesterday so that she gets comfortable with them. When she is wearing shoes she walks like a duck which is kind of funny and cute.


White shoes baby baby blog


I didn’t purchase these gold bangles. They are gift from my parents .I think they will go well with my bangles so got them out from my locker.


Gold Bangles India


I am planning to curl my hair but as the party is in afternoon I don’t know if I would be able to manage all of it. From dressing up Anvika and myself and reaching the venue on time.K told me to start getting ready at 5 in the morning ..lolz. Thank God, we have given the decoration task to an event manager otherwise I was planning to take it and the decision could have turned out to be a disaster.


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  1. LOVE ur pics ana! Makes evrything seem dreamy n magical πŸ™‚ Thank god u decided to delegate decor work to others. U hav enough on ur hands already. :sweat: Am feelin both nervous n xcited for u :hug-makeup: Hope anvi copes well when she sees the overload of people n attention :-))

  2. Hi Anamika, it’s so nice to see this post. I loved the gold bangles and it reminds me of the ones which my mom had bought for me. I also have got some party wear dresses for my kid. But the problem is that she doesn’t like to wear them. I bought a lehenga for her last Diwali and she would not pose for the pictures at any cost and was continuously asking me to change her dress. Then I made her wear a kurta and patiala salwar and she was happy with it.

    • It happened with me also.I got a frill dress for her and she kept crying in it..I was so sad and then got her a new dress πŸ™


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