How To Hot Oil Manicure & Amazing Benefits Of HOM


How To Hot Oil Manicure & Amazing Benefits Of HOM

If you love your nails and you want them to be soft, clean and shiny, you must learn about Hot Oil Manicure. It is a very good technique to be followed and keeps your nails healthy and gives you the look you want for them. Let me tell you about it in detail.

Hot Oil Manicure is a little royal and thus expensive treatment which you could give to your nails specially if you have broken cuticles. These are usually found in expressive salons and spas and are done by specialists with extreme care for your nails.


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So how is it done?

Well you need the following ingredients to prepare a mix which would then lead to a proper exercise called manicure.



Now the next step is to mix all these ingredients together in adequate quantities to cover both your hands. Do not forget to break the vitamin E Capsules. Heat the mixture now in microwave for about 30-40 seconds. Check the warmth of the oil and it should not be too hot.

Dip your nails next and keep them submerged until the oil loses its warmth completely. You may re do it if you want. Now take some oil and apply all over your wrist and hands. Massage it on your hands all over till the oil is absorbed completely.


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Once you are done, you may now wash your hands with plain water and you are done!

Isn’t it a simple and easy way to pamper yourself? You should do this at least once a week to rejuvenate yourself and make your hands feel cleaned and cared for.

What are the benefits of the Hot Oil Manicure?

Hot Oil Manicure obviously helps to cure your cuticles and cleanses your hands properly. It also improves your blood circulation when you massage hot oil all over your hands and wrists. This is very useful for your entire body. It takes care of your cuticles and provides them the strength to stay fine for longer duration of time.

It also helps in preventing your nails from ageing too fast, rather it denies ageing.

And last but not the least, the process of hot oil Manicure helps you attain beautiful fingers with no dangling skin or hangnails.

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I am sure you would agree that it is the best thing one could do for our hands which do all the work all the time and loose the sheen in the process. Dryness, white patches, dead skin is all gone once we apply these nourishing oils to our hands and wrists. Moreover, it also imparts bit of flexibility to our hands. I would definitely follow this regime of doing it twice from now on.

We can get it done from the spas but since they are not always pocket friendly, it is a good option to know how to do these and have our own sweet way of giving ourselves the princess treatment we deserve. Go for it girls and do let me know what your views and experience says about this. I would like to know your experience with this DIY technique. I am sure you would love it too.


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  1. I have fragile nails and wrecked cuticles, and trying many home remedies, but nothing seems to be helpful. I will give a try to this,.. Thank you for this post,..


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