How to identify one skins tone and color recommendation

Knowing our skin tone helps us in understanding various cosmetics as well as clothes which  suit our personality.We all have some colors which look great on us whereas others don’t bring out that much of grace no matter how good brands they are, all this is because of our skin tone.
Our skin tones fall into three main cateogries – warm, cool and neutral. Below are few easy steps which can help in determining our skin tone.
*Look at your wrist under natural light and if your veins appear greenish that means you have yellow under tones and thus you would have a warm skin tone.Veins which are bluish in color indicate a cool skin tone.

*If you think that gold color suits your better than silver then it means you have warm skin tone as people with cool skin tone usually look better in silver. If you confused about this thing then you can wear gold or silver cloth to test your self. Some people hold both the piece of fabric under their chin and if it makes them look healthy then they identify what skin tone they are.
*Generally people with green, gray, blue eyes along with brown, black or blond hair have a cool skin tone. In addition to this, a cool skin tone will have a pink or rosy undertone in it. Those with brown and black eyes with black , brown , red , blond hair have usually warm skin with golden apricot undertone.
If after doing all these tests you are still unable to identify your skin tone then you are probably of neutral skin tone and you are the lucky one.People with neutral skin can wear any color and they look great in it.Although neutral skin tone too leads towards warm or cool undertones.Ofcourse there are exceptions too with this but above rules suits almost 90% percent of people.
So if you know your skin tone now then you can choose the colors which suit you the best
Starting with warm skin tone. People with warm skin tone can consider earthy colors such as green, gold, mochas and bronzes.To give one self a soft look warm skin tone people can try beige, orange and gold.
Cool skin tone can try rich colors such as black, red, navy, deeo emeral greens, royal blue, plumps and pure black too.Cool skin tone should avoid beige, orange and gold.
Those with neutral color can try any color and find out what’s best for them. It might be possible that a neutral color person may look fabulous in green and superb in blue.
By choosing the right color with the help of skin tone, one can add lot of oomph to their presonality.If still you are confused then it is better to meet cosmetic experts and ask for their help.

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  1. you know i always have this problem of matching correct foundation to my skin tone..i guess it is very important to know the right color of your skin…and ur tips helps as always 🙂

  2. @ Sovina-Thanks a ton Sovina.It is always difficult to find the true match.Despite of knowing my skin tone I had struggle a lot in finding the right shade but my porblem was solves only at MAC

  3. My whole out look towards choosing color for my self changed after knowing my skin tone..I think we have been pretty ignorant in this and this leads to lot of buying of unnecessary stuff,


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