How To Include Coffee In Beauty Regime


How To Include Coffee In Beauty Regime

Coffee! Yes! Don’t be amazed at the mention of coffee for purposes other than your afternoon pleasures reading your favorite novel or watching a movie. Well, coffee is famous as a catalyst to ensure you look your pretty best always. Just see how you can use it for your looks revamp. Get ready to be amazed!

coffee body scrub

Get rid of those Puffy Eyes

If you are so stressed all day that you cannot sleep or your life cycle routine is of a zombie, don’t worry as coffee can take care of those pitfalls well. Just take some coffee as you do daily while making one. Mixed with hot water it loses its enriching content to water and this cooled mixture can be used to be applied under eyes for good 20 minutes just before you go for a shower. Remove the same after 20 minutes and see the difference. Repeat it twice in a week for better results. Use cold water to rinse it off as it would have a better effect.

homemade coffee egg mask

Coffee Scrub

Yes! Coffee can be a good exfoliator and you can be sure to use it for your scrubbing needs without any fallacy or error. Coffee can replenish your skin with its natural nutrients and can make you appear fresher and brighter with every possible use.

Coffee & Cocoa Facial Mask_cofee powder+homemade face mask

Hair Coloring

You would be surprised, astonished or even something else reading this. Mixing two spoons of coffee with a handful of conditioner can leave you with a color to die for! Just leave it for 5 minutes and you can see a brown shade of color on your hair. I am convinced this needs to be tried as nothing is better than a hair color in 5 minutes! I am totally a fan of coffee brown color and if my hair can be died to this color this instantly, it sure is a revelation and a discovery which shall go a long way.

fall hair color ideas

Strengthen your Scalp

You can massage your wet scalp with one-third cup of your normal coffee for 60 seconds and then rinse with shampoo and conditioner as always to get shinier hair. I am sure this is news too!

Brighten your skin

You can also have a fresh brightened skin every day if you mix two tablespoons of coffee to plain yoghurt and apply on your face. Leave this mixture for 15 minutes and then wash it off. This will make your face glow and you look brightened to start your day!

make your own coffee scrub

This brightness can help you achieve a lot of appreciation; one because it works good on your skin’s refreshment and second it is very good for puffy eyes as I already shared above.

I am sure by now you have realized what we always possessed but never knew the worth of is coffee! I am amazed myself at what I found over the internet and never realized myself. Specially the hair coloring with coffee is something that I could never imagine to have using just my conditioner.

Also, the scalp massaging using coffee is an amazing discovery which I am going to try this weekend for sure. In case someone of you tries it before me, do share your reviews.

Do try these DIY hacks using your coffee bottle and share it with other women worthy to know.

Have you tried Coffee in your beauty regime?

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