How To Increase Nail Growth


By Vidhya,

I am a sports player therefore my hands and nails have suffered a lot.Now I want my hands to look good and I am looking for ways to increase nail growth.Please let me know any remedy or product which can help me in that.

Thanks in advance .

How to increase nail growth

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  1. Hi Vidhya,

    I use lime for moisturizing and boosting nail growth. I use 1/2 lemon slice (u can use the remainder after using it in cooking. I just tuck my fingers into the half and rotate & scrub ..Then i wash it off after 5-10mins..I’ve been doing this for about 4-5 yrs and I have strong long nails now 🙂 🙂

    • 4-5yrs ..i do it once in blue moon..when i do this regularly then they stay strong otherwise i think i have got the most fragile nails :Sad:

      • Haha! Actually, I luv having long nails, but I had very brittle nails until 5-6 yrs back..Even opening a coke can would result in a broken nail. So my Mom told me to do this and it works really well..Now my nails break very rarely and are nice and white unless i abuse them with nail polish, remover, etc.. 🙂 🙂

  2. You can use oriflame Beauty Growth Booster.. it’s for increasing nails size n d booklet claims it grows nails in just 3 days.. I bought it day be4 yesterday 🙂

  3. thank u zara for such nice tip…u doing it for 4-5 yrs(like anu i hardly do it..once a month or once in three months i guess)gr8 beauty needs some dedication ha..should become regular wit all these… 🙂

    • Very true..Doing this stuff regularly is the key…My nail condition had become really bad so i started to do this regularly..Now I just do it henever I use lime for cooking 🙂 easy way to remember.. 😛 😛

  4. zara ji…kaise ho……bahut bhadiya tip di apne………now that i have started cooking after marriage…..i can certainly remember to use this tip…..
    waise dentist log bade nails nahi rakh sakte……patients ke muh mai chubh jaenge na……but HR peopleneeed long nails to scare away new bees….;-p

    • lolz..Dr Shilpa…as it is ..we all r so scared of going to the dentist and if they keep long nails then we might fall down out of fear only ..imagine u using yur instrument with long nail and one nail goes into patient nostril 😐

  5. Hey guys, I have a problem with my nails! The edges of my nails are always soft and bendable and they take forever to grow!! How can I let them grow so fast? 🙁


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