How to juice an aloe vera leaf to apply it on your hair and skin(video tutorial)

Recently I had a bad hair cut done and I hate my hair style like anything. nowadays .Only resort to increase my hair growth is to massage it with olive or jajoba oil and apply aloe vera juice in them.I am  noticing quiet a bit of difference.While applying it on my hair I massage the juice on my face as well.Since the time I am applying it I have not seen any acne on my face.Albeit I am 26 and still suffer from acne problem:(

Aloe vera has en number of uses and to know about them click here.Also, if you want to fasten up hair growth process then apply aloe vera juice on your hair.To read about it click here.
I have seen most people cutting off a piece of leaf and squeezing out the liquid on to their skin and hair.This too works but it wastes the inner gel which is the most vital for skin and hair.
Start by selecting a large healthy leaf which are close to the ground.Oldest leaf are most potent one.Cut close to the plant so that you can get the maximum out of one leaf.

Here goes the video to check out the whole process

You can save the excess aloevera by freezing it in a food safe plastic container.It will last for 3-4 days easily.Use it every day on your hair or skin.

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  1. Anamika! I'm asking you a silly question!Please forgive me! If aloe vera is good to grow hair, does applying it on the face make my facial hair dense?? I watched the video, I'll try it soon!Uzma

  2. hmm i think it is a valid question Uzma..but i have been using aloevera since years and i have not experience this kind of a thing..if this would have been true then my face would have become a garden by now 😀

  3. Accha listen that vitamin E moisturiser from Fab India will be good for me in winters na? Aloevera is leaving white pathes on my skin in these winters….i think i'l need something creamy but definitely NOT oily….

  4. adding vitamin E in the gel lets the gel last long in the fridge. keep the gel in a dark brown glass bottle and add vitamin E (from the capsules) .

  5. pls tell me something about my curly hair
    i want straight, shinny, long hair 🙁
    but i have short hair they dnt grow 🙁 they are curly i want straight
    its like blast in my hairs :'(
    pls tell me something

  6. hey anamika i’m jst 18 yrs old, frm last 2-3 mnths i’m facing hair fall problem,
    daily i’m loosing 40-50 hairs , pls help what should i do


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