How To Keep Flyaways In Place


How To Keep Flyaways In Place

Flyaways are every girl’s toughest enemy to deal with. You can wipe off a melting makeup, touch up a smudged eye makeup, line a lipstick but when flyaways show up, then begins the real time of struggle.

No matter how good your makeup and dress up is, but those stubborn flyaways can ruin any polished look. Those unwanted frizz and stray hair simply look unkempt & spoils your overall impact. They are annoying and girls are mostly on lookout for solutions to tame flyaways.


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Today I shall share with you all few tricks to tame flyways, but before I share the tricks, let me tell you all few ways to prevent flyaways.

Read on.

Ways To Avoid Flyaways

  • Condition Your Hair


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Swear by this; always condition your hair so that it becomes easy to manage hair. Conditioning hair keeps them hydrated. Also involve in once a week deep conditioning masks for more hydration for hair.

  • Do Not Brush Your Wet Hair

Put that brush down right now. Never ever brush your wet hair. Always wait for hair to dry before brushing, this will not only prevent breakage but will also prevent flyaways.

  • Ditch Your Towel


Ditch Towel

Ditching the towel is not easy for everyone, but you can surely skip the wringing drying method and always soak your wet hair in towel with dabbing motions. For hair extremely prone to frizz, try drying your hair with a soft shirt or paper towels.

  • Choose The Right Styling products


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Styling products can be real lifesavers when combating frizz and flyaways, but going overboard with these can totally make the game upside down. Look for products matching with your hair texture for best results. If you have finer hair, go for an anti-frizz crème or prep lotion, while those with coarser hair may need hydrating oil.

  • Avoid Excessive Heat Styling

Heat styling tools and over-brushing will aggravate already existing flyaways. If you simply have to use the blow dryer or curling iron, then ensure using a heat protectant spray before styling. Dry your hair with an ionic blow dryer. Not everyone will find this equally effective, but these special blow dryers supposedly emit negatively-charged ions that attach themselves to the positively-charged hair for a neutralizing effect. The ionic molecules break down the water molecule rather than evaporate it, without stripping your hair of its moisture and leaves hair less dried out, the less static.

  • Use Serum


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Hair serums are your best friends if you have a flyaways hair story as a routine of your life. Always use a hair serum according to your hair type.

  • Cool Rinse

Always give your hair a final cool rinse. A cool rinse does not only give shine to hair but also prevents frizz.

How To Tame Flyaways

Above were the tricks to prevent flyaways but what if they already have taken charge and you are out somewhere. Below are few tricks to keep flyaways in place.

  • Hand Lotion


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Apply a non greasy hand lotion to your hands as you would normally. Now gently and lightly run palms over your hair to give it some moisture and hold. In case you do not have hand cream, then you can also use moisturizer. Dab a little bit in your hands, spread it out, and work it into your hair, concentrating on the problem areas. Flyaway hair is dry hair, and infusing it with some moisture-trapping lotion can go a long way.

  • Water

Simple water too works. Put a little water in your hands and rub it together as if it were product and gently apply to flyaways to get rid of them. This is an easy quick solution, great when on the go and you do not have product on you!

  • Lip Balm


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Lip balm functions just like a lotion when it comes to taming stray hairs, but its pomade-like texture gives it a little bit more oomph. Use your fingers to apply a small amount, as this will ensure you avoid a greasy effect.

  • Hairspray On Hair Brush

Spray hairspray onto your brush and then run it lightly through your hair. The hairspray will stick any flyaways down but it won’t give you a sticky finish. Quite an easy trick to follow!

  • Ice Cube 


Ice Cube

Get an ice cube and run it over your flyaway hair, i.e., hair that’s too dry. Cold water helps your hair retain moisture and help control it.

These were some easy tips and tricks to control and prevent flyaways. I hope you find these tricks helpful. So next time do not let those stubborn flyaways spoil your game.

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