How To Keep Hair Straight Naturally


Rakshi asks,

I have frizzy hair and want to get those straight hair naturally.Is there any tips for that? I have heard that by using flat hair brush and drying it helps? Is there any other way beside this which can keep my hair long and straight.

How to keep hair straight

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  1. I let my hair air dry half away after washing ,possibly at the night before a big event,then wrap my hair…I take a deep part down the side of the hair and use lots and lots of Bobby pins/hair slides and pin it down at small intervals all over the head…When they overlap,u can use the slide from underneath and pin in the whole section together…Then i wrap a cotton shawl around my head and go to sleep and it will be straighter,softer and more manageable the next morning.If you have a hairspray, you can spray it on after pinning before wrapping the shawl to make the hair straighter for long because without hairspray,the hair might curl up again after some exposure to humidity..!

    Read this for a step by step tut,i got it from here(it really works..I am guarantee):

    Hope this helps!!

  2. This is a long term solution that worked for me. I have extremely dry hair that becomes dull and lifeless after a day of washing it… and curly hair… Not extremely curly but very curly… I used castor oil the night before i wash my hair and then used karthika shikakai powder. I found this is the only shikakai that i could wash my hair with…. all the others were very tough to apply… Even this i used to apply twice and the last wash would be shampoo.. and there was no need for any conditioner… Used to do this atleast twice a week… And did this regularly for a year. Now my hair is wavy… Wavy like the way ppl with straight hair add nice waves… This also made my hair shiny and healthy… Its a very messy answer i know… Castor oil is very very dense to apply and it smells quite a bit as well… But this is the only thing that worked for me after i tried out like a million solutions… And ist been 4 years since i stopped it… and my hair is still wavy and not curly… It also made my hair soft and smooth… And it did cut down on frizz as well… even in chennai humidity….

  3. I second the wrapping method suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚ Thats how I do it as well. I add a bit of smoothing serum to my hair before wrapping. And in the morning after unwrapping, I carefully brush my hair with a few drops of almond oil to add shine. I also put almond oil-coconut oil mix before washing my hair with Dove oil therapy shampoo.. My hair is straight but gets frizzy in humidity. This medthod has really made a big difference. This is much better than using dryer or straightener which really damaged my hair.

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