How To Keep Lemons Fresh For Long Time


I use lemon in various beauty packs ,recipes and in house cleaning. Due to its multiple uses I  prefer  buying them in large quantity but they tend to dry down or turn black with in few days.Recently my neighbour gave me a fantastic tip to store them and keep them fresh for long and it really worked .

Here goes the tip:-
When ever you buy lemon take a container and fill it with water.Add all the lemons in the container and store it in the refrigerator.Lemon will remain fresh for long long time.
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  1. Really, is it just that simple? Dunk them in water? I too buy a lot of lemons as I love sprinkling them over my food, but they always dry out. This is a really good tip! Thks 😀

  2. i am dying to try it, cos my hubby doesnt allow me to stock lemons, as half of them get wasted….you are wonderful, how do you come with such tips…… My Moms gone to love it

  3. cooking has been my hobby and then I had joined various cooking classes and books which i keep reading help me out ..Thanks for liking it:)


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