How To Keep You Elbows Soft This Season


How To Keep You Elbows Soft This Season

Recently, during my visit to a salon the parlor lady pointed out on my dry and patchy elbows and suddenly I felt that I had been skipping my elbow care routine from so many weeks not realizing that it will have an immediate effect on the skin! Now daily care is very easy as you can use a few minutes from your skincare routine and take care of the body parts like elbows and knees which need regular exfoliation to make them look soft and match the body parts!

Well, damage control is surely difficult and given the fact that I was not sure if I will be able to do it on my own, so I went on to ask the lady to go ahead and fix the dark patchy elbows I had! 🙂

Well, it takes a little while to make the elbows soft and match the hand tone but proper care and weekly exfoliation is what that is required get super smooth elbows!

Winter tends to turn the skin rough and dry and requires a heavy moisturization throughout the day! I f you are someone who spends a lot of time working on a table then you are bound to develop dark elbows in case you don’t take regular care of your elbows!

So here are the best tips to ensure that long working hours on the desk do not effect the elbows and they are as soft as the skin!

Lemon Slice-

how to lemon

One of the easy peesy and common remedy for dark elbows is to take a slice of lemon and rub it on the elbows and leave like that for 5 minutes after which you can rinse it! Doing this regularly for about two weeks will surely give you visible results.


brown sugar milk face mix

You can mix 2 tsp of sugar in 2 tsp or lemon juice along with few drops of honey! Now use this to exfoliate your elbows and then rinse it off after thorough scrubbing action! Lemon is great to remove pigmentation problems and sugar granules give that extra gentle exfoliation to remove the dark dead skin cells on the elbow!

Use Ultra- Hydrating Lotions-

soap and glory body butter

Body butter or ultra nourishing body lotions are perfect to give that boost of hydration to keep the elbow area soft and supple. Once the elbow skin remains soft, the dry patches will fade eventually!

Use a Loofah-

Always make sure that you cleanse the elbows with a loofah while bathing! s the skin is wet if doesn’t has the friction and will cleanse the elbow area effectively so any topical body butter or hydrating creams seeps deeply and nourishes the elbow area skin!

Use a Pumice Stone-

To get rid of the dry patches you may also use pumice stone and it is very effective in scraping off the dead skin cells from the elbow area and will make it

Lightening Pack-

A pack of gram flour, turmeric and curd would be great to use twice a week to see visible results in a less time, in case you have a special occasion coming up!

Hope you like these tips to take good care of your elbows in the dry winter season!

Have you tried these things to keep your elbows soft?

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