How To Keep Your Makeup Brushes For A Longer Duration?


How To Keep Your Makeup Brushes For A Longer Duration?

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As you all know, 2018 was a special year for WiseShe because it finally launched its own line of makeup brushes one after the other. By the end of the year more and more interesting beauty tools & accessories were added to the product range. From time to time WiseShe has come up with posts about products available so as to give its readers a thorough knowledge of how you can use it for getting the best effects from it.

Here we are referring to the WiseShe Makeup Brushes, inclusive of both face & eye brushes. A lot of WiseShe readers might not be aware of how to properly store the makeup brushes. So as to make sure they retain the natural and original shape for a long time. This will reduce the chances of the product getting damaged. Also you can save on your hard earned money.

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In simple  words, why to be careless with makeup tools and replace them frequently! When you can easily take care of them.

makeup brush cleaning mat with washed makeup brushes

Instead of  writing an essay on this I am going to share few important tips to keep your makeup brushes for longer duration.

Cleaning brushes the right way

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Firstly, make sure you clean your tools properly at regular intervals to sustain its form. You cannot glow until your brush helps you. And a dirty brush can’t give you a great blending or smooth application. Moreover, keeping the makeup brushes dirty can cause serious skin issues like acne, allergies or clogging skin pores which is certainly not advisable.

makeup brush cleaning on mat

To clean your makeup brushes, take lukewarm water in a bowl/ broad mug and add 2 dollops of brush cleanser or a gentle baby shampoo. Now swirl your makeup brushes lightly without pressing them to the base of the bowl/ mug. Gently use your fingers to clean the bristles so that the residual makeup in the brush is easily removed. When you think that most of the residual makeup is out, take the brushes out. Now rinse with clear water by dipping or putting it under running water.

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Gently squeeze excess water dripping from the brushes. Now take a newspaper and lay all your makeup brushes flat on it to dry naturally.

There are various brush cleaning mats available which can also be used to clean brushes. They are particularly helpful in removing cream based makeup products.

Cleaning at regular intervals

brush cleaning

Cleaning your frequently used makeup tools once in a blue moon is not advised at all. You should clean your makeup tools every week. For those who are in the beauty industry and wear makeup almost everyday, their makeup tools are prone to get dirty more easily. So always keep a back up or clean makeup tools.

Using the right cleanser

mac brush cleanser


An ideal brush cleanser is especially formulated for all types of makeup brushes. Like some are made of animal hair or are sometimes synthetic so you should get that only for brushes. In case you don’t have a brush cleanser, choose a baby shampoo as it is ultra mild and won’t change the hair texture of the makeup brushes.

Use the Brushes correctly

bronzer look by sigma 3dhd kabuki brush

Several brushes get damaged when you are not using them correctly. Like a blush brush is meant to be held very lightly and you need to simply swirl it lightly on the blush.

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You should not dab it harshly as that may bend the bristles of the brush and it may change its natural direction.

Keep bristles of the brush secure

makeup brushes

Make up brushes comes with their own boxes so you should try to store them in boxes only while travelling so that the bristles are not twisted.



At home you can keep them in a brush stand to let them be in their natural shape. Make sure this stand is not placed where dust or direct sunlight hits. You can also keep the less frequently used brushes in a roll up brush bag with separate slots.

BRUSH-ROLL-MAKEUP-DIYWell, I hope these easy pointers will help you to keep your makeup brushes in its original form. If you ensure the above things, you makeup brushes will definitely last longer and will be worth every penny you spend on them. Also make sure to notice any symptom of damage in your makeup brush as that means it is high time to replace the brush with a new one! 🙂


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