How to keep your self younger


Is age bothering you now?Are you in those who always wish to look young ,smart and trendy and constanlty looking for ways to look younger.Are you in those who do not wish to spend thousand in botox treatement and idea of surgery scares you then below tips can be of your help.

First of all don’t think that those who are born beautiful can keep themselves beautiful.Women strong desire itslef can make her look much more beautiful then she actually is.Be it Ashwarya,Shilpa Shetty ,Kareena Kapoor or Rani Muherjee they all have worked hard and have always tried to look better then what they were before.Its not that they were born with silky smooth skin and hair and a million dollar smile.You can notice this by seeing them looking more radiant and smarter then they were before.Looking at aishwarya or Rani Mukherjee you feel they are getting younger rather then looking old.Ofcourse they have beauticians and doctors on whom they spend lakhs but a common women like you and me can also look as younger and smart by following few subtle measures.

1.Hair-Lets start from hair first.If your hair are thinning or are just flat then its time to add volume to your hair.Adding volume makes you look much much younger.So next time when you visit your hairstylist ask him/her to give you a hair style which will add volume to your hair.For instance,giving layers to your hair can add lots of volume.Until then, try a volumizing shampoo to cleanse and mousse to style, working it into your roots before you blow dry. Using a round brush to style as you blow dry can also give your hair a youthful boost.

2.Skin-10 minute daily regime adds youth to your skin.Every one knows about cleansing ,toning and moisturizing but only few follows it.Daily 10 min regime of these three steps does wonders to your skin.Once in the morning and once before bed time.Wether you have oily skin ,dry or normal choose your skin type product which is easily available in the market.Also,try having all thre product of same company.

3 Hydrate skin-You can only keep your self hydrated by having lots of water.Same goes with your skin as well.Drink water as much as you can .Always keep a water bottle near you.Looking at the bottle will make you sip more water then you normally do.

4.Its not only your face skin which needs moisture.Its your hands,feet,legs and arms.All need moisturization.Market is full of body moisturizer but best is using johnson baby oil as it is light doesnt make you feel greasy and gives your skin that younger as well baby touch.

5.Plump Your Lips- Just like thin hair, thin lips can make you look older.You can plump your lips naturally with a tiny touch of cinnamon leaf oil. This will increase blood flow to your lips, making them look fuller and younger. Be sure to moisturize beforehand with a soothing balm, to get rid of any dryness or cracks.

6.Don’t neglect your hand.Keep them moisturized 24/7.When you cook,take bath,wash face make it a point to keep a hand moisturizer or vaseline near you.Get it into habbit and your hands will always be soft and will never reveal your real age.

7.Whiten your teeth- quick way to take years off of your age is to whiten your teeth. A brighter, more dazzling smile will make you look and feel great. But don’t forget to show it off— that beaming smile will also make you look younger.You can whiten your teeth by using pinch of baking soda after doing your night brush(Very important).Just use it like tooth paste and with in a month you will se bright smile and younger looking you.


  1. Hi Anamika ,
    i read all ur posts on recepies and reviews of product .
    even many time i serached ur blog for specific product reviews manily oriflame .
    but can give few tips to shed weight and any styling tips as after my thyriod medication my skin become very dull patchy and dark .
    2.I lost so much hair that my forhead is so big and i cant do any style my hair as hair are very fine n thinner than older.

    please reply me


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