How To Keep Yourself Motivated In This Difficult World


How To Keep Yourself Motivated In This Difficult World

Hey People,

Many of us will relate to today’s topic. God created a beautiful world for us to live in where we were supposed to love and care for each other. But the ambitious lives and an urge to beat the rest and be the best has given us a difficult world where people try to help less but do more to increase difficulties.

Is it only the business world that where you need to be motivated? No, every minute, every day & everywhere one needs to be motivated no matter be it your professional life or be personal life.

Motivation in business language is defined as a boost that encourages one to work harder and better, such as appreciations, appraisals, incentives & promotions. This defines motivation only in the corporate world but for this difficult world ‘Motivation’ is a very comprehensive term which affects our view about life, the way we live it & the way we see things.

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A girl after marriage needs a hell lot of motivation to adapt to a new life, A new mother too needs motivation to be good mother, A student needs motivation to stay calm and be good in this highly competitive environment etc… These were just instances.

People in this world will try to let you down, say derogatory things about you, question your personality and may even plan things against you. What do you do in such a situation? Live a lifeless life or stay motivated, stay stressed or give yourself a boost to face every challenge and be strong?

In such a situation, I will choose the other option, stay motivated, be strong and give a strong fight to the evil world.

Let me share something very personal, it is only one year of my life and within just 3 months and few days, I left my In law’s place. Faced some terrible issues there, but my husband kept me motivated and made me strong enough to leave that place, he joined me after two months after settling a business. My well being was the motivation for my father, so he gave a ditch to the social boundaries and came to take me from that place. I left the place not because I was scared, but because I knew that I deserve a better life and better people in my surrounding, before I completely get myself lost.

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I really can’t share the issues here. But I am sure this much must have explained you how much Motivation is important and it can be in any way, a person, an ambition or something else.

I have some pointers, to explain further about how to stay motivated in this difficult world:

Be Positive


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This is actually the biggest motivation. When you stay positive and not let all the negativity around you over power your life, there is nothing that can let you down. People will try to create hard situations and sometimes situations just get tough by their own, but when you stay positive and find out just one positive point out of ten negative points, you will get a reason to love life and a motivation to make things better.

Make a Genuine Commitment To Personal Excellence

Be qualitative in work and not be quantitative. Let numbers not be your results, but let your excellence speak for you.

Remind Yourself Daily Of Your Strong Points


Believe yourself

When the world is busy in pointing out bad things about you, you remind yourself about all the accomplishments that you have in life. This will not only keep you motivated but will also boost your self confidence.

See Yourself As Unstoppable

Have a never say “NEVER” attitude. It is not about proving yourself to be a super woman, but yes never give up on things which may just come in your approach with some extra efforts. Remember there was a time when you used to go bed just when the clock strikes 10, but during your exams you used to push yourself extra to finish off all the chapters before going to bed, this extra effort yielded in good marks. Similarly in your day to day life, there might be situations when you just want to give up, but on that very moment give yourself that extra push and bring your never say Never attitude in frame.

Make A Deal With Yourself

Do not take life for granted. Make a deal with yourself on things that you might want to do. Plan your day, make a list of things that needs to be done and plan your life too. You can plan on like doing the festival home cleaning all in a day or simple target a world tour in five years, such deals keep you motivated, you work good towards accomplishment of your deals while the world is busy in looking for your weak points. We all know the world will loose in a situation where you stay motivated.

Do The Toughest Task First

People usually have the tendency to complete the simpler chores first and then take up the harder tasks. But I suggest taking up the toughest task first. Doing the tougher task will get yourself motivated to work better on even the simpler tasks and will boost your confidence.

Compare Yourself With Yourself. Not With Others


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Everybody is a different Individual. Everybody has their own stamina & work standards. Of course getting inspiration is good but comparing yourself with anyone is not the deal here.

The People


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Yes people around you matter. If the world has a group of bad & negative people, then it also has a group of good people too. Every time we do not have the choice of getting good- positive people around you, but when you have try to eliminate the negative people from life and if you cannot do this, let them be non – existent to you. While you keep the negativity non-existent for you, you keep yourself motivated with all the positive people.

So people, never ever let the tough situations of this difficult world let you down, and always stay motivated and strong in this world.

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    • Thank u so much Simran… Every Phase in life has an end, be it the happy phase or the sad one, stay motivated and wait for the brighter and happier days to come.


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