How To Lift Extra Fine Hair


How To Lift Extra Fine Hair

We are all prone to hair loss these days thanks to the pollution and dust we are all prone to. Hair do not retain the luster and the strength we try to provide them which is mainly because of our unhealthy lifestyle overall. Stull thank God for the options we have to boost them and make them look a little lifted and voluminous. In case you feel that you are losing more hair than usual, and your bathroom drain is too full always, you surely need to get a checkup done to ensure that it is not something abnormal. Once you are sure that there is nothing to worry about, you can then go for these options as I list here below for your hair.

Firstly determine your hair type Dry or Oily?

best winter haircuts

We often tend to buy a shampoo by their look which is definitely a wrong practice. We should, confirm fore mostly our hair type and choose a shampoo accordingly. The hair types are entirely different and so are their requirements. If we are still doing this to our hair, we are definitely doing wrong to our hair and the damage definitely is irreversible. Volumizing shampoos and conditioners need to be chosen for best hair volumes. These products provide instant boost to your hair volume and these conditioners also are very soft to your hair with volumizing effect.

After shower, do not rub your hair with a towel

no towel drying of hair

We often tend to rub our hair to drip the water using a towel. This is a wrong practice as hair are most fragile while wet. We should gently pat dry using the towel and blow dry until damp. If using a leave-in conditioner or serum, always apply once your hair are damp.

Comb your hair while conditioner is on

combing with conditioner

Do not comb your wet hair right out of shower! This again leads to hair thinning. If you want to increase your hair volume you should first work on unnecessary hair fall.

Switch your parting

change hair parting

It is also a style of revamping your look as well as making your fine hair look voluminous. Just switch your parting to the opposite side from the way you have been keeping up till now. The hair get set to a particular side and often look sticky or fixed to that particular side. If you reverse the side of the parting, your hair get flipped to the opposite side and look full of life and voluminous.

Heat treatments

less hair styling treatments

Cut down on the temperature reaching your hair. If you are doing too much of blow drying or straightening to your hair, you are definitely adding to the trouble your hair are into. One must reduce the temperature and use less of these treatments to retain the luster and life of the hair.

Change your comb

change the comb

Using a metallic comb or brush can damage your follicles by creating oil scrapes. It is always advised to use a wood based comb and wood bristled brushes for your hair. These wood combs make your follicles free of oil clogging and lead to better root strengthening every time you comb.

Apart from these basic measures, one must ensure to eat more of green vegetables and healthy food which is rich in protein. Also drinking plenty of water always helps in retaining the length and strength of the hair.

Have you tried these ways to lift up fine hair?

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