How To Lighten Dark & Unappealing Elbows?


How To Lighten Dark & Unappealing Elbows

Summers are almost around the corner and this calls for cleaning up sessions for you girls. No more hiding under the thick layers of sweatshirts and avoiding the required grooming. While most of it are manageable with one or two visits to the salon there are some areas that have generally been problematic for us.

How To Clear darkness On Elbows

One such challenging zone is your dark elbow. Well, worry not girls, with these tips and tricks you can get rid of those dark spots on your beautiful arms and embrace your lovely self again.


Lemon & lemony: Lime is a readily available ingredient in our kitchen and has a humongous amount of antioxidants in it. It also has lightening properties that help ease out on the darkness of the skin. Mix a tablespoon of honey with lemon and apply it on your elbows. While lemon will lighten, honey will moisturize your skin. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes before washing it off.


It might be a slow process since it is natural in nature but if practiced daily, it will give amazing results.

Exfoliate the dead: Unlike what you might think, this is no voodoo trick; we are simply asking you to exfoliate the dead skin from your elbows regularly. The prime cause of blackness on the elbows is the dead skin, which occurs faster on the elbow than any other part. Simply pick a pumice stone or your dry brush for body and rub it across the elbow for desired results.

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Old and Gold: If you are looking at the simplest and the most effective method from the granny’s diaries, we suggest you make the old concoction of milk, turmeric powder and honey.

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While turmeric has antibacterial properties, honey is the natural moisturizer and milk bleaches the skin. Don’t just restrain to elbows, apply it all over the body for beautiful results.

Quick Fix

Bleach it: heading out for a date tonight and the dress shows your dark elbows? The easiest quick fix for this problem is to run along to your nearest store and pick a bleaching lotion. Apply it as per the instruction on the box and 15 minutes later your elbows will be date ready.

Body polishing: Most of the salons these days offer body polishing and we suggest you with experience that it is worth a try service. With about two seating you will see a definite result in your skin and what more it will be loving for your better half too.

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With these little pointers, one can definitely bid adieu to dark elbows forever. Do share and write to us for any queries or feedback you might have. Until our next rendezvous, remember to love yourself.

Have you tried any of these remedies for dark elbows?

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