How to look fresh in office whole day


No matter how much make up you apply it starts diminishing within first half of office. This is due to many reasons such as pollution which you face while traveling to the office. Also, when you reach office you have tea or coffee for refreshment which too removes away the makeup. All women professional wants to look fresh and lively in office whole day.
Below are some easy tips which can make a women look fresh whole day long.

Hair color
Hair color adds to your personality and gives you a fresh look. Though regular maintenance is needed but if fashion is your interest then you can go for it. Hair color completely changes your personality and adds grace to it. Apply hair color which matches your skin color and if you have grey hair too then first apply the base color and then the hair color.
Your hair should look neat and shiny. For this regular trimming of hair is needed. Get a haircut done according to your age .Hair styles like razor and straps makes you look trendy and adds volume to hair as well.

Oil control
Long hour of stay in office makes your skin look greasy. It’s because long hour increases the oil and forms an oily layer. Oil dirt settles down on this layer and makes one look tired .To avoid this keep tissue paper ,blot or litmus paper with you. Wipe the area which you feel is oily and apply face powder again. This brings back the freshness.

3. Lipstick Power

To make your lips look beautiful all the time then don’t forget to keep lipstick and lip liner with you. Use neutral color in lip liner and outline your lips with it. Get rid of the habit of eating lipstick. Lip liner makes the lipstick stay for longer. You can apply compact powder or little concealer on your lips before applying lipstick. This also makes lipstick stay for longer. Drink coffee carefully and apply lipstick after coming from office so that you look fresh all day long.


Kajal makes eyes look bright and add spark to your eyes as well. Even if you are tired your eyes will look fresh if you have applied kajal on them. Generally kajal gets smudge after 3-4 hours in office. Clear the smudged kajal with the help of a bud and then apply kajal on it. Use kajal of good companies like Revlon or shehnaj. They doesn’t get smudged easily and gives a bright look to the eyes as compared to other kajals. Apply compact concelaer on compact under your eyes before applying kajal. This lessens the smudging possibility of kajal.


If you just had lunch and you are immediately called for a meeting then apply lip gloss. Lipstick need at least 2-3 minutes when you apply it. Therefore lip gloss is a quick solution to give yourself a fresh look.

Just keeping 4-5 things in your purse can make you look fresh all day long. Just get into the habit of applying these things instead of buying and letting them stay in your purse.

Look fresh and stunning all day long.


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