How To Look Great In Fifteen Minutes


By Neha,

Hi ladies,

I am a Makeup new beeร‚ย  and after reading about makeup here I never reach office without makeup atleast lipstick and eyeliner is a must..Like all working girls I too do not have much time to spend on makeup so I wanted to know what all things you do which saves time and make you look confident and beautiful.I am not much into heavy eye makeup so you can skip on that ๐Ÿ˜› Rest all suggestions are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

How to look great in fifteen minutes



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  1. hi – i would recommend a tinted moisturizer, concealer if required, powder to set and a peach or nude lipstick/gloss.

    this should not take more than 5 to 7 mins..

  2. 15 min…..hmmm….
    1.tinted moisturiser,with spf,else mix ur foundation with ur suncreen
    2.i usually skip concealer,personal choice
    3.a wash of color on eye lids like mac indian wood paint pot….or mary kay eye sickles eye color…..
    4.a little blush….mufe quickie or avon nude blush
    5.mac blacktrack or dipdown gel liner on upper lash line and lower water line.
    6.blott powder on nose,chin, forehead
    7.lippie/lipgloss of ur choice….

  3. aruna :yes: :yes:
    as aruna said TM is a good option I used to apply ponds TM
    but a bit dewy for my super duper oily skin .

    Hey neha am also not into heavy eye make up!!
    here I share my 5 minutes everyday look
    what I follow is after washing face with a facewash suggested my derma
    apply an antiacne gel (derma prescribed)
    by that time i tie my hair
    then apply a matte sunscreen
    apply a compact
    current love is lakme perfect radiance compact . it matches my skin tone perfectly.
    then line my upper eye lid
    lower ine with a eye pencil matching to my dress usually blue or green or brown these are the three colours I own ๐Ÿ˜›
    or else line my water line with some kajal
    apply maybelline colossal mascara
    put my mahagony lippy
    used to apply blush kiss f arose but got terrible breakouts :-X
    so stopped using it
    of course I never go without wearing my bindi
    so lastly a stone bindi :razzmad:
    am done :laugh:
    my dressing table is so organized and I dont have huge collections of make up like lucky Anamika so I hardly take four minutes to complete the whole process ..
    hope u liked it :inlove:

  4. Hello Neha,
    this is my skin regime…..
    I apply oil balance moisturisor immediately after my bath and 30 minutes before leaving the house, i apply a coat of sunscreen (coz i donot like tinted), some powder, eyeliner on the upperlid, mascara…apply lip crayon and some lip gloss…bindi…datz done!!! Am not eye makeup & blush person…so am set with in 10 -12 mints

  5. If you have just few minutes, I suggest you invest maximum time in making your skin look good. Here is my routine these days:

    1. Sunblock/sunscreen
    2. Foundation on areas needed
    3. Concealor on discolorations
    4. Thin line of brown eyeliner close to upper lashes
    5. Mascara in brown
    6. Cream blush in dusty rose shade
    7. Lipstick in very natural shade

    This entire routine should not take you more than 10 minutes once you get the hang of applying them ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. 15 min is too long
    i usually take 5 min!
    tinted moisturizer
    tinted lipbalm/lipgloss/lipstick << watever u like ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. thanks Dhanu, Tanveer and mitha .i woul also like to know about how you guys handle your hair.I have heard that wet hair r prone to split ends when one brush u guys wait for your to get dry before leaving office?

  8. hi neha
    for hair-the day u wash deep condition it and after u squeeze the excess water with a towel apply a leave in hair conditioner.
    while getting ready mild hot air blow dry with paddle brush concentrating on fringes .leave in conditioner it will keep it soft.
    non hair washing days using paddle brush shape it and apply a glossing serum for added shine. if ur an oil person apply it at night and wash the next day .
    ive made the hair growth oil from anamika’s recipe with curry leaves and coconut oil which i apply abd soak my hair with before washing. its really a grt oil.
    this is what i follow most of the days.u clip it or a simple pony u r done or leave it open if u wish.

  9. on freshly washed face , i dot an oil free moisturiser as i have oily skin , you can apply a normal moisturiser. apply some under eye cream with spf. because blending a sunscreen on its own under eyes may lead u to drag your under eye skin. wait for a few minutes for these products to get absorbed. you can use this time to comb out your hair and tie it up.
    then i apply sunscreen. give it a few moments rest. then i apply some peachy pink/ or brownish pink blush very lightly on my cheekbones. i want to look fresh and awake, not made up.
    apply eyeliner / kajal/ mascara.
    some neutral coloured lipstick, and you are done.


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