How To Look Older With Makeup


Pihu asks,

I know this query might give you a shock but I look way younger than my age.It’s irritates me when somebody ask me which class/grade I am in when I am about to finish college.I would like to know makeup tricks which can make me look little old or may be just my age.


how to look older


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  1. pihu,Take it as a compliment trust me ! as you grow older you will love these compliments more n more. Im 30 yrs old and people ask me if im 25 and i love it ! still if its for an event or a job interview and u wanna look your age.. .. then a darker shade of lipstick will work along with foundation.

    Looking younger than your age is a gift .People spend lakhs and lakhs to look younger than what they r .Revel in the compliments and thank your genes .

  2. hey girlie that’s a huge plus on your side :yes: Am going to turn 20 in 4 days and people still tell me I look 16 or 17 😀 and that makes me super happy :dance-left-right: anyway coming to the point if you any how want to look older or at least your age, mind it bold and dark lip colors add years to your look instantly and opt for formals instead of your casual jeans and tees, even dark kohl lined eyes make you look lil matured i suppose hope that helps :-))

  3. Hey same pinch with d name …and trust me ,thank ur genes for this.U r lucky girl..!!
    I am sure as u grow old u will definitely realize this.
    As I am in d TV industry I have seen make up artists donning some heavy eye makeup’s and bold ..matte lipsticks to give that mature look.


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