How To Look Polished And Professional



How To Look Polished And Professional

Hello wise beauties, how are you all?

Just as wise as you girls are, the topic of today is too wise. Well today it is all about how to look polished and professional. This is very important to always look polished and professional in this era of cut throat competition.

Your personality speaks a lot about you and yes “ First Impression Is The Last Impression”, though there are a few lucky ones who get a second chance too but how about who do not get chances. Just a little bad presentation of yourself and there you are gone.

It is very crucial to look polished and professional, and today I shall tell you all some important pointers about how to look Polished and Professional :

Flawless Canvas

This is a must follow tip or rather a rule.

You must have read this here on wiseshe many a times but I repeat it again; Always choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. A proper skin tone matching foundation gives you a natural looking makeup.


sleek foundation


The foundation you choose should be like your second skin and it should form a smooth natural canvas for you to apply further makeup. Any mismatch of foundation can either make you look too white or too dark.

Groom Your Brows

Do not ever in your dreams ignore your eyebrows. Groomed eyebrows make a huge change to your look so make sure they are always in shape according to your facial structure. Tweezers and a pair of scissor are your friends when you do not have time to visit a salon.


Anastasia Beverly Hills bold brow kit


Get yourself a good brow filling kit so as to fill in sparse brows and make them look more polished and groomed.

Eye Makeup

This is where you need to be careful. Since we are here trying to look professional, going overboard with eyeshadow is not the deal here. Go for subtle- nude eye makeup looks or you can also opt for soft smokey looks, do not go dramatic with smokey looks just soft smokey look is the key.


adele inspired smokey eye makeup tutorial final look+step by step eye makeup


Coat your lashes

Skip eyeliner or heavy kohled eyes and rather coat your lashes your lashes with two – three mascara strokes. Wiggle the wand and de clump your lashes when you are done.

Pop With Color

Do not forget your lips and cheeks.

A universally flattering coral colored blush is ideal when trying for a professional look and too dark or extreme pink is not the right choice here.




Since we have kept eyes understated we can opt for bold lips.

Watch Your Posture

You need not be erect or stiff to have a perfect posture, it is just stand up straight and sit with back straight. Concentrate on making your posture and never slouch.

Choose A Wise Fragrance

Yes Ladies you got be generous with your fragrance. A very strong fragrance is not at appreciable indeed choose a mice mild fragrance that makes you smell good but at the same time does not irritate people around you.


The body shop fragrance


All About Hair

Since we are not only talking about a polished look alone but are also taking the professional look into consideration, so my dear ladies in such a case choose your hair style wisely. Your hairstyle cannot be those like beach waves or cute messy braid. It can be a sleek pony, a polished updo or any such hairstyle.

Ditch those blingy hair accessories too.

So these were some very crucial pointers that are always supposed to be followed when looking for a polished, professional and a sophisticated look. Who has says at work we cannot kill people with our beauty. Go kill it ladies !!!

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