How To Look Taller Without Heels


How To Look Taller Without Heels

The grass green is always claimed to be greener on the other side of the field. Isn’t it? But what about those gorgeous girls who are not able to climb, up the fence to glance upon the greenery on the other side? No, I do not mean to demoralize you. Beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes, and you, dear short girls come in the size “cute”. There is nothing bad about being short and petite, the bad thing would e not to accept your body shape and crib about it.

Every shape is beautiful, and if you learn to work along your body shape, you can look good no matter what. Adding a few inches to your body is not possible after the age of 21, or maybe 22. But what we can do is to create the illusion of longer legs, by keeping in mind these few tips and tricks.

A good pair of comfortable platform heels never hurt anybody. But what if I told you that there were far better and comfortable ways of looking tall? Read below to know more.

Go High Waist

The first and foremost, and perhaps the most easiest of the tricks to give your otherwise petite body the allusion of being taller is to accept high-waist bottoms. High waist jeans and shorts are the perfect savior for those with short legs and long torso. Just buy one, and tuck your sheer blouse in it. If you are conscious of your butt, try tucking the blouse from the front while letting the backside of the shirt hanging out. Simple as that.

Show some legs


No, I did not mean this in a derogatory sense. All I meant to say was that short, petite girls should accept short skirts and cute dresses which end above the knees. Anything which ends on the knees or calves will accentuate the shortness of your legs all the more. And appealing legs draped in adorable skirts never looked bad.

Monochromatic V-neck dresses over turtle necks

Turtle necks are pretty cute, but what we fail to understand is that anything which clings around our necks hides the neck, shoulders and the sexy collarbones. And how can you expect yourself to look taller when your neck looks stubby? Avoid that, and go for deep plunging necklines which show your collarbones, after all they are meant for flaunting. Deep V-necks are the best bet for petite girls with heavy torso.

TIP: Go for monochromatic dresses which do not create a striking disparity between the torso and the bottom half. A top and bottom black pant blouse will look urbane-chic while adding on a few pretty inches. Dark neutrals like navy, browns, charcoal grey are the way to go.

Let the Vertical stripes elongate you


All of you must have surely heard that vertical stripes adds on to the overall length of your structure. Yes, this is entirely true. This is the oldest trick in the book for a reason. What vertical stripes and prints basically do is, that they create long lines which in turn allude to an elongated frame. Plus, they are so hot this season. Win, win!

Rock flared jeans

Flare jeans are definitely retro chic and of-so-comfortable. And if I tell you that they help in elongating your stubby legs? What’s not to love? Go for denim jeans which are fitted till the knees and then flare out beautifully, wherein the hem ends at the shoe (read heels 😉 ).The flared out, volumised look gives the illusion of longer, dainty legs.

Crop those tops

Crop tops have been all the rage in the entire summers of 2014. Worry not; they are not leaving the fashion aisles for a few years to come. Crop tops seem to be tailor made to suit your diminutive figures. A crop top magnificently camouflages all the disproportions in your stature while making you look chic. Just bear in mind to wear them properly; a slight sneak peak looks stunning, we do not want to look downright offensive.

Declare goodbye to cigarette pants and Capri

The worst thing you girls can do to yourself is falling in love with cigarette pants or the Capri trend. Who wears Capri’s these days, anyway? Especially for girls with troubled figures of longer torso, thick legs; stay away. They will do no good to you. On the contrary they will make your legs look all the more undersized and stumpy.

Short jackets are your hottest best friend


Come winters, and we all are ready to snuggle up in our warm, blanket overcoats. They sure are snuggly soft and cozy, but when it comes to alluding length, sorry, but you will have to swap them for something which is less long. Or putting it better, opt for jackets which end just below your natural waist line and hugs it snuggly, while exposing the lower half of your body. Anything too bulky will do no good for your short physique.

Say hello to maxi dresses, skirts and floor touching gowns

Promod orange printed maxi Outfit+fashion shop

I have no idea about who created the myth that maxi dresses are meant only for tall girls. Rubbish! Maxi dress, skirts and floor touching gowns look equally beautiful on your gorgeous figures. Pair them with either chunky heels or sandals and flip-flops; they are effortlessly chic while seriously adding to the illusion of elongated stature.

Check your accessories

Accessories can play an important role too, when it comes to adorning your body shape. And by accessories I plainly mean your shoes and bags. No one has the capability to rock heels for the rest of their lives. A better option is to stock upon flat heels with pointed toes in metallic tones and a few nude shoes, which match your skin tone. Say no to chunky shoulder bags which can totally over power your already short stature. Try going for cross body bags and totes with small hand-held handles.

Small, petite figures are one of the most versatile shapes out there. Sure you can make a few alterations to the way you want to present yourself, but the best bet is to accept your body and embrace it with pride. Learn to dress for your shape and keep in mind our tricks and tips.

There is nothing more handsome than a self-assured and confident body type.

Do you guys have any other tricks in your box? Do let us know! J

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