How To Lose A Kilo In A Week


Hey you! Yes, YOU!! Do you think that the festive season will see you at your worst? Have you ever felt out of shape, and you want to lose a couple of kilos, pronto? Well, the first thing I will be saying is this – there’s no short-cut to weight loss. In fact, most diet gurus warn you to not take the risk of going below a kilo in a week. And that is why, in this article, I will speak about a diet, which is safe, easy to follow, and simple – and you would lose one kilo (results vary, though) in a week.

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Step One: Watch Your Calories

Before beginning, take note of a typical day of eating in your life. Count the calories please. Once you count the calories, see how many they tally up to. Typically, a grown woman does not need any more than 2000 Calories in a day, unless she is doing very hard physically exerting work. If your total intake is over that, be afraid, because you will be cutting down some calories. The most important thing you should know is, this can come from any part of your diet. It is not necessary that you cut out fat. Ultimately, in any diet, it is the number of calories consumed that counts the most (it has been actually proved quite a few times). Suppose you are eating about 2000 calories every day. To lose the 1 kilo weight, you need to cut down your total consumption to about 1400 calories a day. Do NOT eat any less, because if you do, your body would begin to store fat, as it will go into panic mode.

Step Two: No Processing For You

Remember the convenience of Maggi? No, don’t eat it, not at least the week you are dieting. The key is to eat fresh food, and not ones which are filled with preservatives. A lot of them do toxic damage to your body, so no, you will say no to processed food. This includes preserved vegetables (which also mean all sort of pickles, except preserved lemons in lemon juice) apart from olives, dill pickles and jalapenos, packaged soft drinks and juices, packaged chips and other snacks, and other things. Do not take more than 3 tsp (1 tbsp, or 15 gm.) of sugar during a day and none before you go to bedtime. The simple game here is – when you eat sugar before bedtime, your body goes into an instant sugar-high for the next couple of hours, making it difficult for you to fall asleep.

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Step Three: Eat, Sleep and Drink


Sleep is essential for a healthy body, and especially when one needs to relax and let go after a tiring day. At least 7-8 hours of sleep every day would help you lose weight. When you sleep, your body functions but no food goes in. Also, drinking 2-3 liters of water each day is essential. Water flushes out your body and removes toxic elements. It also washes off the fat globules accumulated in the cells unwittingly. During the diet, STAY AWAY from any juice which has added sugar in it, cold drinks, and even diet sodas. If you are pressed, you can have a diet soda, but that is about it. When eating, make sure you eat within one hour of waking up, and stop eating 2-3 hours before going to sleep. Also, make breakfast and lunch heavy, and your dinner light. That would help you digest your food more easily.

Step Four: protein and fiber for weight loss:-


Proteins are the building blocks of the body, and it is important to eat more of that each day. Make a routine of eating at least 2 kinds of proteins and 3 kinds of fibrous fruits or vegetables each day. Protein can actually include meat, fish, pulses, soya nuggets, but be wary of drinking a lot of milk or cheese, as they have a lot of fat in them. Fiber can include fibrous vegetables and fruits, and also some grains like oats. You can also have artificial fibrous stuff like Isabgol, which cleans out the system. Also, another thing that is great is to eat SAFI which clears out your blood.

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Step Five:  Workouts For Weight Loss


Exercise works! And they actually make your skin glow and you look healthier. Now, whether you go out for a  long walk, run, bang around the gym, swim, or dance, make sure you work out at least 3-4 times each week. And do not stick to the same routine. When the body realizes you are making it do something which is familiar each day, it stops wasting a lot of calories in doing it. So bringing a bit of variety is a great thing. If you go jog one day, and swim the next, you will be more likely to lose weight rather than if you go and swim every day.

So, apply these five steps in your head, and you will lose weight quite easily. If you follow, do let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: All of the pictures were Googled, not modified in any way apart from sized down or up, and did not have any watermark on them. If I just trod on your copyrighted toe, then I am really sorry. Also, the opinions are all mine, so if you don’t like them, it’s all right.

So, what’s your weight loss mantra girls??

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  1. :yes: Totally agree with every single point of yours Poorna! Been there and done that and I plan to do it again 🙂 I lost weight a couple of yrs ago doing Yoga and Gym side by side.. I lost 6 kilos and got into the healthy bracket.. and then shit happened, I mean work happened, I piled on god knows how many kilos and I’m trying to get back into the groove now..
    Gymming when combined with breathing exercises work big time actually.. Maybe I shud do a post on that sometime.. 🙂
    Awesomesauce post Lady! **Way To Go**!! :yippee:

  2. I need to lose lots of kilos 😥 😥 .I should start working on it and Poorna , thanks a lot for the useful post . :-)) I am gonna follow the above points from today itself. :fighterf:

  3. Poorna, nice post – can you help out even by explaining how to calculate the calories – I think that is the first step where we can go wrong – most sites online give calories only for non-Indian food – do you know of a website we can check out for finding calorie content of Indian stuff?

    • Nafisa…my husband is under weight and i have researched for few things which can make him put on some kilos can share few tips

      1.) u should eat after two hours goes i losing weight as well as gaining weight too.
      2) having banana shake every day in the morning helps or have two boiled potatoes and drink one glass milk on increases weight.
      3) don skip meals .
      4)light exercise is a must .

  4. I want to loose weight……. need to loose 10 kgs 😀 …. :-\ :-\
    nd i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee MEETHAAAAAAAA………its toooooooooooooo difficult for me to resist myself from chocolates brownies etc :-\

        • me too have a sweet tooth Ayu, but i have found a good way to stop ur craving .. substitute the choc/sweet with fruits, the taste buds expect only sugar, they get it from fruits, ur eyes crave choc .. promise urself 1 small bit of choc and the rest will be fruits .. cheat code but works ..


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