How To Maintain Hygiene During Menstrual Periods


How To Maintain Hygiene During Menstrual Periods

Any ignorance of hygiene during menstrual Periods may lead to many risks.

During menstrual periods women often have mood swings, impatient behavior, cramps but all this should never come in way of your hygiene maintenance.

Women require some extra care and hygiene maintenance especially for these days of month. Today we shall talk about how a woman should maintain hygiene during menses. From choosing the method of sanitation to disposing it in a right way, all comes under hygiene maintenance.



Following are the ways how you can maintain hygiene during menstrual periods:

Choose your method of Sanitation

You can choose among tampons, menstrual cups or sanitary pads/napkins as your method of sanitation to keep yourself clean. Just in case if tampons are your option please choose the ones that have the lowest absorbency rate.

Tampons with high absorbency may make you suffer from Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).  Also you cannot use tampons as an advance precaution option can lead to vaginal irritation. You can also choose different types of sanitary napkins depending upon blood flow. Every brand is different so only trials will give you your best find.

Change your Napkins/Pads

Clinically it is advised to change sanitary pads every 4 hours. However you can alter this period depending upon your blood flow. On heavy flow days you might need to change even earlier. Changing pads is necessary, the moment you feel wet you should change your napkin. Bacteria may cause local infections which may travel up to the vagina and enter the uterine cavity. Also infrequent changing of pads may lead to skin irritations and even lead to infections if the skin is broken.


You should daily take shower at least once a day if not twice especially during these days of month. Use of warm water for bath will be relaxing.

Wash Vagina Regularly

You should wash your vagina and labia several times a day and each time you go to the loo and when you change the pad.  If washing is not possible each time then at least ensure wiping with toilet paper.

While you wash and wipe make sure that you wipe from vagina to the anus doing it vice versa may introduce bacteria from the bowel to the vagina.

Skip The Soap



Do not use harsh soaps or shower gels to wash your vagina, especially during menstrual periods. Some warm water and a good medically prescribed intimate wash is a must to wash.

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Change Stained Panty

During menstrual cycles there are high chance of getting stain in your panties and pants or whatever you wearing. Do not roam about with the stained undergarment and change it immediately you get it stained. Ignoring the stain under garment is also capable enough of infecting you, since these may lack absorbency and staying wet for long time durations is not a good idea.

Discarding the Used Sanitary Product

Just as you are concerned about your hygiene, you should too be bothered about hygiene for people around you. Do not just discard your used sanitary product without covering them or wrapping them, or leave it on toilet floors or flush it. Wrap the used product properly in a bag or a waste paper and dump it in a dustbin which is not in your kitchen or bedroom.

Also wash your hands properly when you change sanitary products or go to the loo.

Treating A Pad Rash

You might suffer from pad rash if you have not changed pad for long or you have been feeling wet for long hours. Pad rash can be prevented by keeping yourself dry but if they occur, then do not leave the pad rash unattended or else these may get even severe and infectious. Applying an antiseptic ointment after bath and before bed can help to a great extent.

If you follow these crucial pointers, then your hygiene levels during periods are safe and you can feel yourself safe against infection and diseases.

Have a hygienic Menstrual period!

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    whisper ultra extra long,most used napkins …..
    Dipgenta or soframycin works effectively for rashes…….


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