How To Make A Brush Roll Without Sewing


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Few days back Shweta sent me a pic of one of the DIY brush roll from pinterest. Yes ! we are doing lot of pinning nowadays. If you want to join in then click here. I really liked it because when ever I have searched for DIY brush roll ideas, I always found those cloth sewing things which are not my cup of tea. In India tailors are so widely available that only those who are passionate about sewing will learn the art otherwise I don’t think many of us even know how to even sew a button.

So this quick method is for people like me who want to learn things with least effort 😛 lolz.




Here are the things required for the brush roll (When you go down you will find small hands of a little monster who doesn’t let me click pictures most of the time and that’s my baby )

All you need for the brush roll is a bamboo rolling mat, (I used my old table mat here) and elastic, strong ribbon, old waist sashes or what ever you think will be appropriate. Best will be elastic .


diy makeup brush roll


Step1 – Place your brush on the mat to know how much space you need for a particular brush .You have to kind of thread the ribbon/elastic through the bamboo slats at intervals which have to match your makeup brush width.


DIY Makeup brush roll no sew


This is how the first brush gets place.You can keep the brush while threading the elastic so that you know its not loose .





Continue in the similar fashion .For the bigger brushes you obviously will have to leave more space.




Once you are done just tie the ribbon /elastic to enclose it .This brush is sturdy enough and no brush will budge from its place or fall down while travelling.You can store kids crayons, sketch pens or painting brushes in it while travelling.





Have you tried making a brush roll with a bamboo sheet without sewing ?


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  1. The pics with anvi’s tiny li’l hands made me go all Awww :cute: Welcome to the club…now u know how it is taking pics when u have a baby around 😀 Loved the brush roll!! So simple yet functional :yes:

    • Awwwww.. Some kids are really too finicky about eating. Hath jodo fir bhi kuch nahi khaate 😛
      I dnt know how they manage to have energy to weep or run or break things 😀

  2. heyy woww tats just awesome n what a timely post, I was looking for something to store my painting brushes, this one looks sooo damn easy n cute ^_^ me gonna make it soon to keep my painting brushes 😛

  3. cute pics ana…chotu hands..let her have fun.. 🙂
    nice n easy diy…
    i saw the one u have to stich a million tiny stitches and i think i slept off reading it… i wd rather throw brushes in a bag…

  4. good thinking Ana. I loved the easy peasy idea. stitching is too much work for ppl like me. I better sit around and take REST

  5. Nice easy idea ana ! and love the new blog icon 😀 Represents us so well , shopping obsessed people 😀

    Aww ! Anvika’s already getting ready to follow in her mom’s footsteps , cho chweet !

    Please check your mail na :very sad face:

  6. thank god, here’s sumtng really easy for storing brushes, i hate stitching n sewing
    And Anvika’s pic in fb is so sweet


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