How To Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil At Home?


How To Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil At Home?

Hello gorgeous people!

Winters always call for dry, unruly hair (at least for me and those whom I know); and trust me, it is not the greatest thing to deal with! No matter how much we splurge on conditioning shampoos, taming conditioners, smoothening hair packs, nourishing hair oils and oh-so-expensive hair spas there is something amiss, always!

And I am pretty sure that most of us are facing hair loss problem due to pollution or environmental conditions or lack of nutrition or due to medication. It has become a common problem these days irrespective of age. But that should not mean that we cannot mend our ways and what better way to sort things out than to go the Ayurvedic, natural way?

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Ingredients required for ayurvedic  hair oil!

  • 100 ml coconut oil
  • 100 ml sesame oil
  • Amla ½ KG or more cut in pieces
  • Curry leaves about 2 cups
  • Aloe vera  about  4-6 big leaves
  • Red Hibiscus flowers 15 to 20
  • Methi seeds 50 g
  • Coconut- 1

How to make Ayurvedic hair oil?

To make coconut milk Cut one coconut in small pieces, put in the mixi, with very little water. Sieve it through a muslin cloth; we’ll use only the milk.

how to prepare Coconut Milk

For Sprouted Methi Take 2 big aloe vera leaves. Insert a knife to slit the leaf vertically from one thorny edge, so the leaf can still be closed. Put methi seeds inside with a spoon while pressing in-between, and close the leaf. You can tie it gently with a lace or a cloth and keep it aside for about 24 hrs. The Methi seeds would sprout in this much time. Take the seeds out, as these are the things which we will be using these for the oil.

fenugreek seeds

Take the coconut and sesame oil in a pan. I would suggest you take an iron Kadhai for this. This would not give a green colour to the oil. It’ll make it very dark and will add some iron in the process plus no oxidation involved!

Add the sprouted methi seeds, coconut milk, curry leaves, Fresh aloe Vera leaves cut in pieces, and red Hibiscus flowers and boil it all on a low heat. This can take quite a while, but one should keep the patience to boil it until the oil attains a dark tinge, and is left without a trace of water in it. The curry leaves will turn dark and aloe Vera looses it’s stiffness during the process. Also the oil will float and the fried, dark herbs will sit at the bottom.

It is necessary that all the water is removed from the oil else it won’t last long enough. To be sure add a few methi seeds when the oil starts getting fumes, if they pop, then turn off the gas.

Strain the oil in small dark bottles when cool.

best hair growth oil diy

If done in an iron pan, it turns out to be a dark green/brown oil, plus it smells very strongly like Methi and curry leaves. If done properly the oil will last for one and a half to 2 years easily.

To make it even more effective you can add almond oil after the oil is strained in bottles. You can also add a few drops of rosemary essential oil for hair growth, or any other essential oil to make the concoction more fragrant and good for your hair!

new hair color

For adding the hair-Growth element to an already fantastic hair oil which is al natural try adding up a hand full of chopped small onions into the above cooled oil, and heat it till the onions turns brown. Remove from flame, cool, strain and store in a glass container of your choice!

Have You Tried The Ayurvedic At-Home Hair Oil?

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