How To Make Beetroot Powder and It’s Uses!


How To Make Beetroot Powder and Its Uses!

Beetroot Powder?????? What can that be???

I know most of you actually must have thought like this and wondered what is today’s article all about?

We have always known beetroot as a super food packed with all the ingredients necessary to keep you healthy and beautiful inside- out. But consuming it and using it in beauty & health treatments is a bit too messy, the red juice that it secretes spills and stains a lot and some may even not like its taste.

How To Make a Beetroot Powder and Its Uses

Well to bring an end to all these bothering issues, powdered beet root is a great option. Powdered beetroot is an one time mess option; It is easy to use and at the same time is not deprived of the nutritional values.

Before I tell you all about the various uses of powdered beetroot, let me first tell about how to make beetroot powder. Come follow these easy steps and have your own homemade beetroot powder.

How To Make Beetroot Powder?

There is no hard art and science in making beetroot powder, just involvement of few easy steps and you are done.

Step 1 – Wash the beetroot very well.

Step 2 – Now as per convenience boil, bake or steam the beetroots. I personally believe steaming is a better option which will not alter its nutritional values much.

Step 3 – Now cut the tops of the beetroots & discard them. Now take the beetroots and cut them into thin slices or shred them. Shredding is a better option, as it will be a little handier in further steps than the sliced beetroots.

Step 4 – Here comes the main task which will affect the overall procedure. Now you will need to dehydrate the beetroots so that it is sans water and is ready for the next step. You can dehydrate them either in a dehydrator or in an oven, dehydrating them via sunlight is not an option here, as this may take days and will even get your beet roots dirty. Both dehydrator and oven will take some 8-10 hours. A temperature of 140 Fahrenheit is fine for oven dehydration process.

Step 5 – This is the final step. Take the dehydrated beetroots and grind them in a food processor. They should be ground to a fine powder so that you can find them easy in usage.

How To Make a Beetroot Powder and Its Uses - POWDER

Store it in an air tight container.

Uses Of Beetroot Powder

Soups- You can use beet powder in your soups to give it a variation and raise the nutritional value of your soup.

Powder – You can just have the powder and enjoy the sweet- earthy taste of the beetroot. One tsp of beetroot is equals to one beetroot, so just a tsp of beet powder will be enough to give benefits of one beet root.

Curries/ Gravies – Use beet powder in curries and gravy for that extra nutrition and color without altering the taste of your recipe.

Dry Coatings – You can also use beet powder as dry coating of many edibles and snacks.

Food Color –

Yes you can use it simply as a food color just a hint of beet powder gives enough color. You can use it to give color to cakes and muffins as well.


How To Make a Beetroot Powder and Its Uses -FOOD COLOR


Powder Blush – Here I come to the best use. You can have your own organic blush sans any chemical, just a blend of edible ingredients.
You can use beet powder on its own as a blush or try mixing it with arrowroot powder to get a lighter blush, mix cocoa powder to get darker blush, mix ginger or nutmeg powder to give a shiny./shimmery hint to the blush. Do not forget to mix in some drops of essential oils to allow the blush to get setting capabilities. Also only a very fine ground beet powder wills serve the purpose, you can also sieve the powder to be sure if it is fine enough.

Cheek/Lip Stain – Just mix some powder with water and bring to boil. After the water is cooled down, apply it on your cheeks and lips and flaunt a natural color, which stays intact and at the same time is easy to remove.

Hair Color – You can even prepare a reddish toned hair dye with beet powder. Mix it with heena and apply as you normally would do.

Beetroot powder is quite a versatile product. Isn’t it?

Benefits Of Beet Root Powder

Beet powder is loaded with the same content of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients just as the raw beet root. Beetroot powder is rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, folate and manganese, along with other nutrients and is naturally rich in nitrate.

  • Compounds present in beet powder are responsible in improving blood flow and lower blood pressure.
  • Betaine is the chemical found in beet powder which helps the kidneys and liver process the amino acid & fat, which helps to break down the collected fatty tissues.
  • Beet root powder is also helps in lowering triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.
  • Beets are high in iron which makes it capable to fight against anemia.
  • Beet root powder is also useful in curing headaches, skin problems and lethargy.
  • Beet powder also strengthens the immune system and makes it capable to keep diseases at bay.
  • More over beet powder makes a chemical free blush and cheek/lip stain.

Beet powder is certainly a must try option and I am sure this will make a permanent space in your kitchens then.

Have you tried Beet powder?

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  1. Thanks for d recipe.I don’t have a dehydrator or oven,can I dry it in d sun n will it still retain it’s nutrients wen dried in d syn? Looking forward to hearing from you


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