How To Make Body Lotion At Home


How To Make Body Lotion At Home

We are always on the constant hunt for the right skincare products which work well on our skin making it smooth and free from skin problems. Well, and after trying with so many chemical laden cosmetics products we end yup disappointed as the skin sustains the damaging effects of the various products used on it. To deal with it, one can continue the search for the HG product for their skin while some can switch over to an easier and simpler solution of making their own skincare product.

homemade body lotion

Well, I consider one should always opt for a homemade body skincare to try first instead of a face cream as the chances are more that the preparation may not suit the sensitive skin of the face while the body skin can still handle it!

Here we will be talking about a simple Homemade Body Lotion that can be sued in the summer season to keep the skin hydrated and nourished.

Creamy Homemade Body Lotion

Since, it is summer time now we need a creamy light body lotion which is not too thick. It should be hydrating on the body, get absorbed quickly and should’t make the skin oily. A summer body lotion has cooling properties to sooth the skin in the scorching heat!


Ingredients Needed-

  • Coconut Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Peppermint essential oil

soulflower lavender essential oil+soulflower hazelnut carrier oil

I believe that if you are attempting a unique DIY like this, you should always go for a smaller batch of cream to be prepared as it will lead to least wastage in case the body lotion didn’t live up to your expectations, you can easily go ahead and prepare another batch!

Method of Preparation-

  • The body lotion is extremely easy to prepare and the least time consuming. Mix together equal amounts of coconut butter & shea butter , say 10-15g, together and whisk until both of them get blended thoroughly.
  • Now add few drops of a nourishing oil like jojoba oil. You can easily replace it with almond oil, extra virgin oilve oil etc. Blend all the ingredients together in a way that the cream is rich and of creamy consistency which will be apt to use in the summers. You can make a thicker version for the winter season in the same way.
  • When the oil is mixed properly, add a few drops of lavender & peppermint essential oil to the cream and mix it again.
  • Your Homemade Body Lotion is ready. It is really nourishing and smells heavenly. The peppermint tends to add the soothing cool sensation when the cream is applied on your skin.

P.S. Although the ingredients are purely natural, a patch test on the elbow should be taken to see if any kind of irritation occurs on the skin or not.

You can store this cream for a good 4-5 months and this is the maximum time the summers will last so it is a great option to try at home. Prepare the cream in every tow months and that will get you through the scorching summers without making you spend bucks of money in picking the right body lotion.

Try any of your empty tubs of cosmetic skincare products (used previously)  and sanitize it. Use it to store your homemade Body Lotion.

I hope you find this homemade Body lotion interesting enough to try it at home. You can easily get the ingredients from any organic products store. All the Best! 🙂

Have you tried making a Homemade Body Lotion?

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  1. If u mix grapeseed oil in this mixture, it will provide sunscreen also. Since sun protection is missing here…. so beauty ladies dont forget to mix grape seed oil………


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