How to make cheese Maggi with step by step video tutorial

If you have seen the recipe section of wiseshe you must be knowing that how much I love Maggi.My love and experimentation with Maggi  has been going on since years .Many a times  it gives great result but sometimes it leads to disasters as well.This time I experimented with cheese and oh gosh I tell you this came out really nice.
                                             Did you noticed the melted cheese in it:D
If you like cheese then surely this is a thing for you.Easy to make and yes it doesnt require maggi masala .When ever I make maggi this way I use the extra masala in my other maggi dishes to spice it up. Really love its masala.Infact I love it so much that I goggled once  how to make maggi masala at home but sadly it didnt gave me good result and the ingredients which were mentioned in it were not even heard by me  forget about knowing them.
Ok so no more talking about my love towards Maggi , let me start with the recipe
Preparation time15 minutes 
1 Maggi(You can use atta maggi too if you are health consicous)
1 big chopped tomato or you can use 2
Shreeded and chopped vegetables(1 carrot, half capsicum, capsicum, 2-5 beans, 1 chopped onion , peas, shredded cabbage etc  (basically all vegetables of yourl liking))
1tsp soya sauce if you like oyster sauce then you can use that too
little salt to taste
water to boil maggi
1tsp oil
1/4 tsp cumin seeds
Black pepper powder according to taste
1tbsp grated cheese(any cheese of your liking..I used amul cheese cubes)
water to boil maggi
Step1-Heat 3 cups water in a pan and put the noodles, tomatoes and 1 shredded or chopped carrot.Boil until all the water eveaprorates on slow flame and put it aside.
Step2– Heat 1tbsp of oil in another pan and cumin seeds in it.
Step3-Add onions, shredded cabbage, chopped capsisum, beans etc.Add little salt, black pepper powder and soya sauce in it and close the lid.Cook the vegetables for 5-6 minutes.
Step4-Add boiled Maggi and mix it nicely and switch off the gas.
Step5-Take 2 cheese cubes chopp them or grate it and spread it all over the maggi.Wait for a minute so that cheese melts.
Serve hot
Here goes the step by step video

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