How to make chocolate chap stick at home


Homemade Chap Stick helps those who have sensitive skin. Chap Stick is readily available in market and hardly cost an amount but advantage of homemade Chap Stick are numerous. Homemade lip balms are free from any preservatives, artificial colors or sweeteners. These preservatives products might harm your lips. With homemade Chap Stick you can add ingredients which are of your likings such as Shea butter, Sesame oil, olive oil etc. Making your own chap stick has its own charm and preference as well.

Chaps stick can be made of variety of flavors but chocolate one is most favored .This Chap Stick gives you that chocolaty color on your lips which not only moisturize your lips but make them soft and supple too. You can enjoy the taste it does you no harm at all. It’s easy to make and loved by all.


Step1: Take Vaseline or petroleum jelly and empty the Vaseline into a microwave bowl. You can also melt the jelly over a low heat in a double boiler like the way you melt your chocolate or wax. You can also put the Vaseline into a plastic bag and melt it by putting the bag in hot water. Idea is to liquidize the jelly without getting it burnt.

Step;2 Add cocoa powder in it (Add as per you liking, if you are in those whose mouth start salivating by mare mention of chocolate then add a good amount otherwise a small amount will also work. Only thing is color of the gloss should be chocolaty.

Step3: Stirr it continuously.

Step4: Pour it into any clean small containers as shown below. You can use even empty previously used Vaseline plastic container. Idea is to put the Chap Stick which is easy to carry and easy to reach. If you pour the mixture in a thin neck bottle then it will be of no use. You can see an example of a Chap Stick container below.

Step: Put the container in fridge and not in freezer for 3-4hrs.

Your tasty glossy lip balm is ready to be used.


  1. hii…nice 2 see a totally new acc to me previous one was better, if compared..neways dis is just a personal opinion..dis1's rockin as well..!!! nd ya, njoying yr posts as usual..:)

  2. This is great and I'm going to make this chap stick!I'm so enjoying all your posts!Thanks for all the great tips and info.I really appreciate them!Margie:)


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