How To Make Earring Holder / Jewellery Display Stand – DIY


 Earring storage & Making your own earring hanger – A DIY Project

Hi All,

I have always loved earrings and have been collecting them since 11th grade. I see a story in each earrings I’ve bought; whether it was bought in the pouring rain with my dad (He has awesome choice btw) or those trips into tiny galli’s in Lakshmi Road with my girlfriends haggling over earrings and trying to drop the price from 15bucks to 5! Or even to the first time I dragged my hubby (then BF) to the earring store and amazed him with my resilience and ability to spend 30mins analyzing and shortlisting 30-40 pairs of earrings only to pick 2 pairs in the end or when I went with my bro and the poor fella had to stand outside the store in the sweltering heat for 15-20mins while I stood in an air conditioned space hunting for ‘THE’ pair of earrings…All my earrings have a story to tell..And if you try and remember I’m sure we’ll all realize that every single article we own has a story behind it..

Usually we gals tend to purchase earrings to match our outfits..But I’ve always been one of those who chooses outfits to go with their earrings…I decide which earring  I feel like wearing the next day and then proceed to pick the clothes and make up to go with it 🙂 I know…weird me! 😉

Anyways, coming back to the subject of storage, I realized about 2 months back that my stack of earrings were getting too much to be managed in the partitioned boxes and tins I used to stock them in. As a result, a lot of earrings (especially those at the bottom of the container) would inevitably be forgotten for months at an end. Hence, after watching some Youtube videos I decided to make my own earring hanger 🙂

It did come out well, so thought of sharing it with you…

Things you will need:

  1. An old stole/ netted duppatta
  2. A clothes hanger
  3. A Ribbon/ stapler/ needle and thread
  4. A long piece of cardboard (optional)

earring organizer+DIY earring organizer

  • Step 1: Take the Stole/ Netted Duppatta and hang it length-wise on the hanger

If you own many heavy earrings, then put a long piece of cardboard equal to the length of the stole between the 2 halves

  • Step 2 (Optional): If you own many heavy earrings, then put a long piece of cardboard equal to the length of the stole between the 2 halves. I didn’t do this since I don’t wear heavy earrings on a daily basis. My daily earrings are light-weight and easier to manage.
  • Step 3: I then looped the ribbon (I love purple, so I used that shade) into the bottom of the stole thereby binding the 2 sides together. You can make a bow at the end to give it a nice girly look

jewelry organizer+earring display+earring organizers

earring storage ideas DIY

If you choose to use the cardboard sheet then you would need to either staple/ stitch the sides as well to ensure that the cardboard doesn’t slide out.

 pierced earring organizer

  • Step 4: Find a place to hang your earring hanger. You can hang this on the normal hangers in your cupboard, behind your door, or even on a hook besid your vanity. I hung it up on a stick-on hook behind a door of my cupboard.

pierced earring holder

  • Step 5: Go ahead and start hanging your earrings! : ) 🙂 A normal stole sized hanger can carry about 110-120 pairs of earrings.

Things to keep in mind while hanging these earrings:

  • While hanging on the stole, do hang it through both the layers of the stole. If you hang it only on one layer, the thread may come unraveled or may sag sooner than usual.
  • If you’ve used a cardboard sheet, then hang your earring through the cardboard so that the heavier earrings have a purchase to hang on to.
  • Don’t use stoles/duppattas which have the threading too far apart since these would come out and fray sooner than usual and look pretty untidy.
  • If you have larger and heavier earrings, then try to ensure that you hang them horizontally at the top of the hanger so that the stole doesn’t sag. Infact, if you hang the earrings towards the top it will even provide a secure base for the rest of the earrings which you would be hanging below.
  •  Its always preferable to hang this on a nail or on the hanger in your cupboard since the stick-on hangers are not always sturdy. Especially if you have heavier earrings then the stick-on hangers will be pointless.

 Hope you all liked this DIY post. Below is a pic of most of my earrings which I’ve hung up. The more ornate and pricier earrings, I choose to store separately in little storage boxes in my cupboard since they are used only on occasions and parties.

 earring tree DIY

Here are some more storage ideas for your earrings:

 1.   Compartmentalized containers

earring tree+DIY

These are the type I used to store my earrings earlier. They are extremely convenient and I used to categorize them this way: Stone earrings, Acrylic earrings, silver earrings, Studs, Jhumkas, Plastic/ Colorful earrings, Handmade/ Jute earrings, Danglers (Traditional), Danglers (Modern pieces), etc…You can store them similarly or as you think fit. You can also use the tiffin boxes or pill boxes which have dividers in them. 🙂 These can be purchased from Infibeam as well. Also, Brandmile and FnU also have similar boxes on sale from a company called Syal N Accessories. Their stuff is amazing!

  • Which kind of earrings you can store: All types
  • This is for you if: You have a medium sized collection and a good amount of storage space since even the compartmentalized containers do take up space.
  • This is not for you if: You have a huge collection and realize that you end up forgetting you have most pieces and tend to use only the few ones on top.

 Earring stands

These are the usual panel earring stands with the tiny holes to loop your earrings through you can find at Westside or at any storage outlet. These are really nice since you can see all your earrings and store them as you like. For those of who who are interested, does sell earring stands as well. So do check it out. There plenty other types of stands as seen below as well, but I’m yet to see them anywhere here.

earring tree DIY

  • Which kind of earrings you can store: Screw clasps, hook earrings, Studs
  • This is for you if: You have a small collection or many studs and screw clasps earrings. Also, this is for you or have a huge surface space to store these stands since they do take up a considerable amount of space if you have a lot of earrings to hang up.
  • This is not for you if: If you have too many large danglers, then this is a bit useless since the earrings would probably hang down and conceal 3-4 earrings hung below them. Also, as of now we only get the smaller sized hangers so you’d need multiple stands which takes a lot of space.

File holders/ Napkin holders

If you’ve noticed, most file/ napkin holders have tiny perforated surfaces and hence can also be utilized to hang earrings. This is extremely convenient since these come pretty cheap and can be found easily at any stationery store. Hence, these can be utilized as earring hangers.

 earring storeage ideas

  • Which kind of earrings you can store: Hoops, Screw clasp earrings, studs
  • This is for you if: Same as mentioned for earring stands
  • This is not for you if: Same limitations as for earring stands

  Jewellery Trays/ Cake plates

This is more of a fashion abroad. In India we would usually use trays only for rings, but rest assured this is a nice addition to your vanity and looks very classy sitting on your desk. A lot of girls (like me) who are clumsy find it a bit dicey to have trays since they tend to be more light weight and can be easily swept off the table my a sweep of the hand. For this purpose Cake trays/plates are extremely convenient. These are quite heavy and tend to sit put in one place…even your hand sweeps against it,its more likely that your hand would hurt rather than the tray falling. 🙂 🙂 But yes, if it does fall, then the causes quite a mess and quite a loss since these trays don’t come cheap.


  • Which kind of earrings you can store: All types
  • This is for you if: You have a small collection of earrings & are supremely klutzy like me. 🙂 Also, this is great for those who have a large space on their vanities.
  • This is not for you if: You have a large earring collection which can’t be contained on a tray or don’t have too much space to keep a tray on your vanity and want something more compact.

 Do any of you have a similar fascination for earrings? If so, how do u store them?

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    • Thanx Kejal! I also used to kep them in boxes and ended up forgetting most of them 🙁 🙁 Thanx to such storage methods we can be alot more organized 🙂

  1. i have so many stoles which i don use any more.they were all picked up from Sarojani nagar and lying idle ..i am going to make good use of them….thankkkks zeee for this fantastic post..

    by the way do u wear each of them every day 😉

    • Thanx babes…i do change my earrings every day to match my outfits…the only tim ei dont change them is when m excessively lazy or have a ear allergy 🙂

  2. wow Zara
    i have become a fan of urs (already I am)
    loved the idea.
    I could count 117 pairs of earrings.
    loved the story!!!I
    i could see ur purple painted wall on the last pic.
    me just drooling at the pictures!!!
    donate me na !!!
    I can happily take it away !!!!

    • haha! my fa?? woww!! now uv made me feel like a celebrity! hehe 🙂 🙂

      u actually counted the earrings?? wow!!! i actually have more..but the ones ive stoppe using ive not hung up and the more ornate ones are in their respective bxes since i take them out only during some occasion or party… 🙂 🙂

      u like earrings too?

    • Divsssss!!! ur bacckkkkkkkkkkk!!! where were u?? andhow r u???

      ur also a earring lover?? wow! andi thoight id be one of the few mad ppl!

      • It feels so good… now. I had trouble with herniated neck disc.. so no computers and no work since last one month, although I was following you guys on my phone 😉

        I love earrings but very careless, always end up loosing 🙁

        How are you guys doing ? plans for Karvachauth ?

  3. what an idea madamji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …………… u have so many beautiful earrings…………….. me is also an earring lover …………………. my stck is 150……

  4. Nice one! I use compartmentalized containers to store my dangling earrings,, I have two containers for casual wear earrings.. One for earrings I wear on festvie occassions and weddings ..And I store all my studs according to their colour in stud boxes. 🙂

  5. zara i dont have words. so helpful post. and you are so right. each product tells a story. i pick a lipstick and flashes come up. :rotfl:

  6. This looks so good..unusual and creative Ze…you have a huuuuge collection of earings…i dont even have 1/4th of that..only gold suits me..artificial ones i cant wear for more than a few hours…so i wear them occasionally…i soo love to cordinate my earings but cant..sigh

    i keep mine in a compartmentalised box….its exactly the one in the pic..its actually a medicine box…hehe

  7. Love this idea… and mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn do you have earrings or what!!!! You lucky gal 🙂
    I cant wear artificial ones :'( :'( :'( All the dangling ones I had I have donated to cousins/ neices/ servants :'( :'(
    Me want your earrings… how abt posting pics of your ‘good’ earrings 😀 🙂

  8. Listen Zee, Don’t sweat for the DOL blush :razzmad:
    I went and checked again today, and I’m still wondering why I liked it :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized:
    Its way too shimmery… I donno why I was so mad after it that day :silly: :silly:

  9. wow! wow! wow!
    your earrings r absolutely GORGEOUS!! I luv earrings too bt I can’t store them due 2 limited space.. this is a superb idea!!!!
    I’m surely doin this!
    o n abt u feeling lik a celebrity, trust me ur my hero 4 d day!!
    thanks again!;-)

  10. Awesome collection.. Give me ur address.. I will steal them 😛
    Nice ideas.. Btw, I hang my earings on a thermacol sheet, this way they are never lost 😀

  11. Wow…such a nice idea..and it looks really cute too! Thanks for sharing! :yes:

    I am drooling over your earrings collection. :dazed: I have an obsession with earrings. In fact, it is the only kinda jewelry I ever wear. I love collecting ethnic and chunky earrings, so there are a lot of pieces in your collection that I plan on stealing! 😛

  12. :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: Zaraaa this is soooo beautiful and wow for the post babes :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
    am gonna tell this to my sis 😀 she and her daughter will def. make this

  13. OMG have awesome collection of earrings Zara!!! Totally loved the DIY tutorial! just few days back only I was thinking of getting few good earrings as my collection is now coming to end and its been probably a yr since I last bought any earrings 🙁 pls suggest some good shops/places apart from laxmi road where i can find decent earrings without burning a whole in my pocket!

  14. dis is awesome Zara!! :inlove:

    I love dose lemon earrings 😀 n i hv dat medicine box too and in big size..though i don’t use it 😛

  15. khooooob sobeet idea…today we are having mutton vindaloooo and sannas for dinner. i will think of u when it goes into my mouth ??????


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