How to make eyes look fresh-Suggestions


Aapti asks,

Hi gals… My eyes looks very tired due to work stress. Can you gals suggest me some tips on how to make eyes look fresh?


How to make eyes look fresh-Suggestions


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  1. Use a light(Pink, Beige or White) color pencil on the lower waterline! Works every time! ^_^
    Love the Stila Kajal in Topaz and Rimmel Soft Kohl Pencil in White for this purpose.

      • Even i had to work in system for longtime as a result ma eyes look tired. btw , is it gud using such eye drops ?! wt effect it gives ?

  2. If u feel fresh automatically ur eyes will look fresh…during work keep urself hydradated…once in a while simply wet ur hands and touch the back of ur ear lobe,..behind ur neck…and then gently press the palm of ur cold hads on ur eyelids ..this freshens up ur mood and ur eyes even…..

  3. Hi Aapti.. 🙂 do try to get as much sleep as you can, since your eyes are a sure shot indicator of how much sleep you are getting… i find that the more sleep i get, the more fresh my eyes look… take a good look at your eyes.. do you have under eye bags, under circles or both? for under eye circles, use a good under eye concealer… i recommend the mac studio finish concealer, it blends like a dream and looks just like skin… if you have really bluish-grey tones under your eyes, use a peach/orange corrector before the concealer. if you have under eye bags, make sure not to use concealer on the bags as it will only project them more. do you like wearing eye kohl? a trick that i like to use to cover my eye bags is to smudge a little kohl underneath my eyes, that way it kind of hides them and makes my eyes look a lil bit smokey and mysterious. if posible keep two spoons in the freezer and press them on your eyes in the morning, it helpds to reduce puffiness. hope that helps!

  4. You could start using good eyecare products, drink plenty of water and wash your eyes with plain running water every now and then. These do make a difference dear.

  5. One more gyaan from my side- if nothing else works apply a good concealer..u can even spread it to the lids to give your eyes an “awakened” look… let me know if u want some reccos along with your skin type.. 😎

  6. just use 2-3 drops of rose works very good…r else on b4 day while sleeping keep 2 pillows at ur legs nd 1 at head so tht more blood vl b circulated to upper part of bosy so face and eyes look good

    • Swati.. can you suggest some good nude matte shades.
      1. Drink plenty of water
      2. Daily intake somehting that is good for eyes. Gooseberry, carrot, tomatoes
      3. Use mascara
      4. Use good concealer
      5. MAC soft brown eye shadow is great. Little pricey. But you will not regret buying
      6. Use Aroma Magic under eye cream regulalry.
      7. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  7. Dude… just rub some ICE on ur eyes and the best solution is to take a short power nap…always helps n makes ur face flow n eyes looks bright n awake too! 😀 :yes:

  8. Buy an eye mask, keep chilled and use every night or when you get time.. works like a charm…Easy-peasy… you can also combine an undereye cream or gel when u are using the mask… 😎


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