How To Make Face Slim Without Makeup


How To Make Face Slim Without Makeup

Every woman needs to get that perfect jawline and ditch the makeup tricks to make her face look slimmer. Well, in the age of fast food and calorie loaded drinks, this hardly seems to be possible until you are resistant enough to these food items. Well apart from makeup, there are ways in which you can make your face look slimmer within minutes. And today we are going to talk about that only.

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A slim face attracts attention and gives you that teenage face again where only your innocent looks and petite figure was enough that was needed to be beautiful. As the age advances, the level of hormones and eating habits tend to change drastically and as a result many people develop amounts of fats on their face and body. Well, there are many ways to lose body fat. Here we will discuss about how to make the face look slim without the help of makeup tricks popular recently.

Drink lots of water-

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Believe it or not it is the best and easily followed way in which one can stay away from putting excess weight. It balances your metabolic activities and makes your overall system function appropriately. Water is great to boost your endocrine system and help eliminate accumulation of fat on the face and the body.


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Well, another way to make your face appear slim is to get a complimenting hairstyle as per your face. A side parted hairstyle, soft fringe or front bangs will instantly make your face look slimmer. Don’t go for pulled back pony hairstyle as it doesn’t hides the facial structure much and makes your face look bigger. Let some front hair locks fall over your cheeks.

Facial Exercises-

There are so many facial exercises in Yoga which are mainly targeted on making the face appear slim naturally. One can easily perform these exercises on a regular basis to keep their facial frame in the best shape. Lets have a look at some of the most easy ones-

Slimming down the cheeks– Make a fish face by drawing your cheek inside. Keep the lips in the same position for at least 10 seconds.Repeat this for 10 counts. Practice it daily to achieve a slimmer cheek area.

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Slim the chin– This specially effective in those women who have double chin and it is quite useful in reducing the double chin which makes one look older. Slightly tilt the head upwards and drop your lower jaw and raise it again. Practice this for ten times during the day.

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Lol: Laugh Out Loud– This is yet another and easy way to make your face slim. Laugh out loud without reason and see your facial muscles working up in uplifting your mood and also make your face appear slimmer. Well, if laughing is not possible, smiling always is surely easy!

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Slim the lower part of face- This may actually feel a little awkward to do in front of others so do it alone. Pull out your tongue as much as you can, keeping the head straight. This will help in eliminating double chin, and slimming the lower jawline and neck.

So, these were some of the easy day to day things one can easily perform to get the perfect facial features which look chiseled and contoured naturally. Hope you like these.

Have you tried these ways to make your face slim?

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  2. Many men liks the women with out makeup only. but our face should be worth for that. right? So You can use face thin tool to shape your face sooo cute with out artificial makeups.


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