How to make herbal green tea toner at home

 Green tea is becoming popular day by day and this is because of its magical uses.It helps in reducing weight and  solves many beauty problems.It  is used as a exfoliating face mask and also to reduce pimples and swelling.Green tea can be used as a toner and an astringent too.
First of all let us know the difference between the two as many of us are confused about it. Astringent lowers down the skin’s PH level and controls surface oil.It also tightens the skin open pores .On the other hand toners are mainly used to nourish and moisturize the skin and keep it hydrating.Toners are milder than astrigents and  and is mostly used to clean the skin , to remove any extra makeup or any calcium deposits from hard water.
Astringents are more suitable for use on oily skin or combination dry and oily skin. Since the alcohol in astringents helps to remove excess oil and dirt on the skin, it aids in giving the skin a matte appearance
Green tea toner is easy and inexpensive way to make a herbal toner.It smoothens the skin and refines the pores.After using this toner it becomes very easy to apply foundation too.
Let us learn how to make it
Take 2 cups of water and add 2 bags of green tea in it.Boil it for 2-3 minutes and pour it in a spray bottle.You can store it in an ordinary plastic bottle as well but don’t use any aluminum or copper container to store it.
Place it in a refrigerator .If stored in a spray bottle then spray it on your face or use clean cotton balls to soak the mixture and apply it on your face.
Use it twice a day in morning and evening.Spray can be stored for two weeks if placed in refrigerator.You can add fresh lime juice too in toner to enhance your complexion.

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