How To Make Homemade Rose Water(With Step By Step Pictures)


How To Make Homemade Rose Water


This is one of the first DIY’s I started my DIY journey with. Making your own rose water is so simple and so cheap. Now, no more dependency on store bought rose water.

So you may ask why to make your own rose water when there are so many available in the market. To begin with- you can’t be sure if it is actually pure or rather 100% rose water. Look at the back of the bottle and check the ingredient list. Does it mention 100% rose water? If not then you are not using pure rose water. And even if the ingredients say that it is 100% pure, it always has some or the other artificial preservative.


rose for glowing skin


Requirements:Home Made Rose Water:-


Rose petals, distilled water, clean glass, essential oil (optional)

Procedure of Making Rose Water At Home:-


1. Pluck out the rose petals from the stem and wash them clean with water to remove all the dirt.

2. Bring the water to boil.

3. Now place the rose petals in the clean glass jar and pour the boiled water over the petals.

4. Put a lid over the jar and keep the jar in sunlight for an entire day. Let the rose petals steep in the water till sun down.

5. Now pour the entire mixture through the strainer to separate the rose petals from the rose water.

6. Your rose water is ready for use.


Homemade rose water


Imp points:

1. Always get the roses from a good source. You want to make sure that your roses are organically grown and are not sprayed with pesticides.

2. Always use distilled water. This will protect the rose water from contamination and will keep it good for long.

3. Store rose water in the fridge if possible. This will elongate the shelf life and chilled rose water is always more pleasurable to use than that at room temperature.

4. You can choose from a variety of essential oils depending in your skin type or personal liking.

5. Always make rose water in a small batch so you don’t have to worry about preserving it.


natural rose water



  • In face packs: I always use rose water in my face packs. Not only does it make the face pack smell great, it also soothes your skin.
  • Toner: Toner is an important part of the skincare routine. It locks in moisture and actually proves to be a great base for moisturizer.
  • Face mist: There is nothing like a cool rose water splash on a hot summer day. It calms your skin and reduces any redness.
  • Eyes: Soak your cotton pads in chilled rose water and place them on your eyes. It cools your eyes and gives you a refreshing feeling.
  • Hair rinse: You can use it after your hair wash for a nice calming hair rinse.

 Have you tried making your own rose water?

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  1. Today only I have done rose facial at my home…my garden is full of red roses now a days…gues it is time to make rosewater now…amazing the post.

  2. I used to make this wen I was at home but with mineral water 🙂 the light pink color of the water really soothes the mind 🙂


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