How to make instant Bhatura/Bhatoora in 5 minutes


I like instant cooking. Spending hours in kitchen to make just one dish is not my cup of tea. This was the reason I never tried to make bhatoora. My mom used to make it by adding baking soda, curd and many other things. Consistency of the dough also has to be taken care of while making it.Phew!!! Tough Man…

Few months back my friend Neha told me about bhatoora recipe which is so instant that i completely loved it. In fact making chole bhatoorey is now the easiest thing for me.

You only need three things and you are done and best part is you won’t compromise with the taste of bhatoora either.

So,let us find out how to make delicious bhatoorey.

Ingredients:-(For 2 person)

250 gm. Maida(All purpose flour)
1/2 ltr Soda water (The one which is used in cocktail and mock tails)
oil for deep frying


Step1 :Take all purpose flour in a large pan.

Step2:Add enough soda water and knead it into a soft dough.Consistency of dough should be same as your regular wheat flour dough consistency.

Step3:There is no need to keep the dough for hours here.Just divide the dough into 7-8 equal portion. and roll them into balls.

Step4:Make big chapatis of these balls and deep fry on high flame.

Step 5:Serve hot with chhole.


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