How To Make Lip Gloss From Lipstick


DIY Home Made Lip Gloss Using Vaseline and Lipstick

I wanted to thank the parent of one of my music students for the lovely cake she baked for me on my birthday.  I never expected it but it came.  A beautiful 1 kg Chocolate cake with sprinkles and gummy bears.  She is fond of makeup and so I thought of making ‘Lip Gloss’ for her.

I thought it would be a good idea to show you guys the entire process too.  All of my items are placed on a beautiful book of friendship that I bought to send to my BBF.  So here goes…

The items needed for this cute and simple lipgloss are listed below:

  • 1 lipstick of your choice
  • 1 container to store the gloss
  • A bit of vaseline / lip balm
  • A knife

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DIY Home Made Lip Gloss Using Vaseline and Lipstick+items for DIY project


First make sure your container is clean, dry and has a lid that shuts firmly.  Secondly, choose a lipstick that you think you will love to use as a gloss as well on a regular basis.  If you want a very pigmented and long lasting lip gloss, then choose an appropriate lipstick as well.  I chose one of my favourites ‘Maybelline colorsensational 119 – Forever Plum’.  I don’t use it much but do love this mauve shade and think it will also suit the receiver of this gift.

As for the quantity of vaseline, well I dipped my finger into the tub and whatever came out…was sufficient – half a tsp approximately and as for lipstick…u can see below how much I chopped off.  I want to tell you guys that you can use your favourite lip balm for this too.  You don’t have to stick to vaseline.  Both solve the same purpose.


DIY Home Made Lip Gloss Using Vaseline and Lipstick+maybelline mauve lipstick


I then mixed both the vaseline and the blob of lipstick  in the container with the same knife that I cut the lipstick with.  I would suggest you don’t get a knife with jagged edges because it will not cut well and you will end up wasting a lot of product.   When you mix the product it will look messy like it does in the picture.  You will have to tidy it up after that with your ‘clean’ little finger.


DIY Home Made Lip Gloss Using Vaseline and Lipstick+pigmented lip balm


Below you can see the actual lipstick swatch on the left and the lip gloss in a circle on the right.  The colour is the same but the gloss is shiny, moisturising and goes on like butter.

DIY Home Made Lip Gloss Using Vaseline and Lipstick+DIY project


Well, that is it.  Lip Gloss.  Short, sweet and simple.   You can see the finished product in the little container after I cleaned it up.


DIY Home Made Lip Gloss Using Vaseline and Lipstick+coloured homemade balm


If you are wondering about the life span of this home made lipgloss well I guess it would be the same as the vaseline or lip balm that you have used.  Hence it is a good idea to make a little bit at a time so that you don’t get fed up of the colour and there is no wastage.


DIY Home Made Lip Gloss Using Vaseline and Lipstick+nourishment for lips


Jess this is for you….

Have you ever tried making lipgloss from a lipstick?  What are your tips and tricks?

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  1. how sweet of you chrissy .. and the swatch is lovely indeed .. like it says “a friend loveth at all times” .. very true …

  2. that’s good, loved the shade and the glossy finish too :yes: good choice of shade :-)) , even i follow the same method except that i microwave the whole thing 😛 idk what it does, but i feel it but that way the thing gets set evenly when cooled after melting it 🙂

    • yes, that is one way of doing it…I didnt wanna microwave it cause i didnt wanna fry it up….any heat destroys the natural molecular structure of the oil…..same with our cooking oil….

  3. That’s a lovely gift Chris :yes: I made the same with a cool pink Red Earth lippie back when I was in school 🙂 Now when I think of it, it surprises me :-/

    • as long as the lipstick does mitra…another thing u can do is add a bit of that 8 hour protectant from EA. ….I should try making it with that the next time. It will become extra beneficial with a tint!

  4. :dance-left-right: :yippee: i tried it….with pink shade and maroon shade lipsticks from elle 18 :dance-left-right: :yippee: n its awesome :rock-n-roll: :tap-dance: :lipstick: :lipstick:


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