How To Make Lipgloss At Home With Step By Step Pictures


Making lip gloss at home is pretty much fun :-)) I have heard and read a lot about them so thought of trying  the lip gloss recipe today.One just needs few household ingredients for this and this recipe can be a big  relief to  those moms who do not want their daughter to use lipstick at young age.There is still a hint of lipstick required in this but still it is way better than using the whole lipstick.

So let’s go ahead with the Lip gloss recipe

How to make lip gloss at home with pictures


1. Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline

2. An empty  lipbalm container

3. Toothpick to mix the lip gloss or you can use the back of your brush also for mixing

4.Any moisturizing lipstick of your choice.You can use eyeshadow ,pigments, glitter or blush also as pigment but I prefer lipstick only.

5.You can add little honey or vanilla extract for the flavor.


Method /Preparation


Step1 – Petroleum jelly is your base therefore  quantity of petroleum jelly depends upon the amount of lip gloss you want to make.

Vaseline for lipgloss at home

Step 2 -Now with a knife shave off some lipstick  and the amount of lipstick too depends upon the  kind of tint you want.I wanted a gloss which can hide my pigmentation therefore I scrapped out little more lipstick.I am using Revlon colourburst lipstick in crimson here .It is better to use moisturizing lipstick in this as process of mixing the lipstick with petroleum jelly then becomes quiet easy.

lipstick for lipgloss

Step3 – Add petroleum jelly and lipstick  in a small container.I used my body shop lemon lip butter container in this .Make sure you wash and sanitize the container.

Lipgloss tint at home

Step4 – Mix mix with a tooth pick 😎

Lipgloss at home

and  we are done with the lip gloss 🙂 You can add some glitter or shimmer in it 🙂

lipgloss for kids at home

It looks really very pretty.If you have any lip butter which is not tinted than you can made it into a lip gloss by following the same recipe.I find it as a cute gift which can be gifted to any of your girlfriend 🙂 What say you?

Lipgloss at home

P.S – If you find petroleum jelly little too hard then microwave it for 40-50 seconds.

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  1. yes i have been reading this in so many blogs and you tube videos also..had to try it out:)

    which colour lip gloss is yur favourite in this ash?

  2. Haawww! :brokenheart: You cut away a Revlon Colorburst for this!! 😯

    But I love the recpie, it is so simple!! :yes: I don’t have any vaseline but I think I’ll get some & make it with some lippies I don’t like so much. Will also need to buy containers, hmm… :fingersxd:

    There is no way I’m using a Colorburst for this, I love them too much.. :smug:

    • even if i cut it it is going to stay for long long time Tanz.. 😉 i know i know when one stock some 10 colorburst with them then the person can actually carry all of them in her pruse :D:D

      by the way don buy the container..get them from FE shop .. :cute: :cute:

  3. wow…gr8 reciepe…this way i can use my used lipsticks which are left inside the tube & i m not able to apply on my lips. early i used to throw them because of the small stick.

  4. O Wow, hats off to u dear for finding yet another cool tip (home made)… i m soon gonna try it, bt i m just confused abt lipstick color, as i dnt hv any at all, n most probably i wd hv to pick it frm my mom’s stash…lol.. n is there any other option for vaseline? i mean can we use old lip-balms n gels (non-tinted ones)? i m hving one aroma magic’s lip-balm, which i never use at all. wd tht also do the trick? n thnx for sharing it, i m super excited to try it out asap. 😀

  5. yes yes that will be the best..just use the old lip balm which is not much tinted and mix any of yur favouite lipstick and if u don have any good lipstick then eyeshadow will also do 🙂

  6. Nice tip but did you know petroleum jelly is not good for your body, let alone lips. Infact anything with mineral oil and petrolatum is harmful. If used regularly it steals away body’s natural ability to produce oil and in due course can make lips more chapped.
    It is only good for occasional dry skin relief. Thought I would share.
    Like your website btw!

    • Hi Tulip…I have been using vaseline since ages and my skin only gets better with it..i have heard discussion about vaseline and its mineral oil controversies but till the time it works for me i don mind usingit 🙂

  7. Hey Ana I am too late for this post and thank God now got the idea….I have so many empty Lip balm containers…I will make lot like this hehehe thank you sweetieeeeeee :-* :-* :-*

  8. this easy i made my own lip gloss in 5 or less minutues i rememded this website alot especially for my friends p.s. i didn’t even had petrolum jelly i use vaseline

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