How to make lips beautiful/pink-Suggestions


Ballari asks,

I have pigmented lips ­čÖü can you gals suggest me some natural remedy by which the natural pinkness of lips can be restored?


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  1. Hi everyone, this is my first time commenting…only been a silent reader so far!

    I had the same problem….. roghan badam shirin worked beautifully for me. Am guessing that any good brand of sweet almond oil will do…apply it atleast twice a day…you’ll def start seeing a difference in a month.

  2. I think you need to scrub regularly and apply a lip balm with SPF. Also i heard crushed rose petals are good for your lips pigmentation.

  3. o my god , i am going to try each of these tricks. i hope to persevere with atleast one of these tips on a regular basis. i often start with one tip and dont carry it through to next week. but one month i pledge to pretty lips


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