How to make long curly ponytail like Sameera reddy

Hey Guys!!!
Did you check out Sameera reddy in her cute and a flirty pony tail in jade magazine? Isn’t her hair style making her look fab ?
This long ponytail hairstyle can be used as a regular hairstyle too as it is easy to maintain and is quite an interesting selection for those who have long hair. You too can make this hair style and that too naturally .If you want to use a curling iron then you can do that too. Let’s check out how.
Natural way
To make long curly pony tail wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and condition it. Once you have conditioned your hair wash your hair with cold water without using shampoo. Now comb your hair with a wide tooth comb and blow dry them slightly. Now tightly pull up your hair into a pony tail with a tight rubber band.
Now make a hair bun (Twist the pony tail and make a bun by inserting the bobby pin or elastic) and give it a messy look.
Make the bun in the morning and keep it overnight and open it up gently in the morning. You will have cute curls .Open only the bun and not the pony tail otherwise you may lose out on the curl after a while.
With a curling iron
If you are in those who wants instant result and are always in hurry then use curling iron.
For this just apply hair gel in your hair and make a pony tail out of it. Curl the end of the pony tail with the help of a curling iron. After curling just run through your hair with the help of your fingers. You can curl again for strong curls. In the end finish it off with a hair spray. If you want to use herbal hair spray then learn how to make your own herbal hair spray here.
You can use sponge rollers too to achieve this look. Just make a pony tail and put the sponge rollers overnight. Open them up in the morning.


  1. wow, nice tips!! I am going to do the curling iron and see how it looks:-)sonali


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