How To Make Makeup Finishing Spray – DIY


 DIY – Makeup Finishing Spray

 Today I have come up with an interesting DIY- Makeup Finishing Spray, which is really needed during this winter season as skin tends to be drying all the time, how much ever you moisturize the skin, still at the end, our face looks dry or cakey when the entire makeup is done. This setting spray helps in setting the foundation and loose powder in place and thus gives a nice dewy natural look. There aremakeup Finishing Sprays from brands like MAC, NYX which are quite highly priced and are not easily available in India and also contain harsh chemicals.

But these setting sprays can be easily made at home with minimum ingredients. So, why to waste money when they can be easily prepared at home with completely natural Ingredients. Just follow these simple steps to prepare this setting spray.

 Things Required For Makeup Finishing Spray:-

  1. Rosewater
  2. Pure Glycerin (you can easily get from any pharmacy shop and it’s just INR 30 for 20 ml.)
  3. An empty spray bottle to pour the contents and it is very comfortable to spray on the face directly.

DIY makeup product

Method Of preparation:

  • Add rose water into empty spray bottle till half the volume of the bottle.
  • Add 4-5 drops of Glycerin into it. If you have extreme dry skin then add few drops extra.
  • Close the lid of the spray bottle and shake well, so that the glycerin mixes well with rose water

DIY makeup fixing spray

  • Makeup Setting spray is ready to use. As this preparation is completely natural and preservative free. So, store it in a refrigerator and can be used for 2-3 weeks. It is better to prepare freshly every time in small quantities.

DIY makeup finishing spray

How to use:

Spray before applying makeup as a base or after completion of makeup to final set the foundation and powder and to get a nice flawless natural look. It helps in blending and absorbing the products properly into the skin. Rose water helps in dehydrating the skin and glycerin helps to lock the moisture. This can also be used as a medium to mix eye shadow pigments etc.,


  • Glycerin can be replaced with aloe verajuice,if you have sensitive or pimple prone skin.
  • You can add few drops of tea tree oil also. Then it acts as a good anti-bacterial spray too.

Did you like the method of making your own Makeup Finishing Spray?

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  1. U wont believe it siri i was abt to order colorbar spray today..darling u saved my bucks..awesome diy..btw whr i can get tht cute chhotu spray bottle..


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