How To Make Multani Mitti Sandalwood Face Pack


How To Make Multani Mitti Sandalwood Face Pack

Hello natural beauty geeks!

How is everyone doing these days? Monsoon has made me break out, I do not know god damn why!

I hope the rest of you do not have to undergo such painful cystic acne! I have tried almost all the beauty antics as well as over-the-counter and prescribed acne diagnosis, but to no avail. And I say almost all of the antics, cause, girl-oh-girl, my acne is not new! People, here in India have this very famous phrase that your pimples are a mark of your Jawani (puberty, fore say) but I guess my Jawani is not ready to leave me since my 7th standard! Oh how I miss my clear skin!

fuller's earth powder

Suffering from acne, having anointed my face with the only thing that works for my oily acne-prone skin, and thinking for a new post idea to write it came to my mind, why not I introduce you to the only miraculous thing which actually works? The multani mitti-sandalwood face pack!

Read below to know how you can make this fantabulous face pack and customize it to your specific skin type!

How to use Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth?

multani mitti face pack combo skin

We have all used, or at least heard about multani mitti or fuller’s earth in our lifetime it is a very commonly referred to term in Indian households after all! Now multani mitti comes in two forms in the market and no, I am not talking about the readymade multani mitti face packs I wouldn’t ever recommend those pricy, mediocre products to you! What I am talking about is the solid (rock-like pieces of Fuller’s earth and the powdered form! Let’s see how you can use them!

  1. Solidified Fuller’s earth the solidified version of multani mitti can be a bit tricky and strenuous to use as it needs to be prepped over night or at least for duration of 3-4 hours. Break the larger piece into smaller pieces and soak them in a little raw milk in a shallow bowl. I let my fuller’s earth to remain soaked in the milk overnight, you can use the prepared mixture even after 3-4 hours. What the milk does is liquidify the solid fuller’s earth and activate it.
  2. Powdered Fuller’s Earth this version is the easiest to use. You buy the powdered fuller’s earth from the market, mix it to your face pack and you’re done! But I would recommend making a paste of the multani mitti with pure rose water. Rest, your preference!

The Basic Multani Mitti- Sandal Wood Face Pack

The easiest and the most trust-worthy face pack of the millennium award if ever existed, would have definitely been given to this one here. Works for oily, combination, dry, sensitive, acne-prone basically, it works for every possible skin type present!

Home Remedies to Tighten Open Pores_Sandalwood+how to close pores

Required things:

  1. Fuller’s earth paste (read instructions above)
  2. Sandal wood (chandan) powder
  3. Bengal gram flour (besan) powder
  4. Rose water (gulab jal)
  5. Turmeric (haldi) powder

How to prepare?

Take some fuller’s earth powder (mad with rose water or raw milk) and mix a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder, a teaspoon full of gram flour and sandal wood powder. If the mixture seems to be too thick, add more rose water or raw milk; but if the mixture is too runny, add some more sandal wood powder. Your motive should be to mix all things up to a fine paste like consistency!


For OILY skin add lemon and some tomato juice to the above created basic face pack.

If it is excessively dry skin, add half a teaspoon of raw honey to your pack.

For a tightening face pack, go ahead and add a egg white to the pack and apply it all over your face and neck.

For acne-prone skin types like me, try and add a teaspoon of neem powder in the pack to soothe the inflammation and heal your acne.

Have you tried the Multani Mitti Sandalwood Face Pack?

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