How To Make Nail Polish Last Longer



Nail paints are almost a necessity for all of us, one issue that always gazes in our faces is how to make them last longer on our nails and get rid of chipping… Nothing can be bad than noticing a chip however minor it is just after you had your nail polish done. It’s really not acceptable! 🙁

I have learnt some tricks in the past years that have helped me avoid stressing me over chipped nails and I would love to share it with you all… So here I go…


Last Longer nail Polish Tips+lacquer nail polish

Tips To Make Nail Polish Last Longer:-


  • Remove old traces: Before applying nail polish ensure you have removed all the traces of old nail polish. Dip cotton in nail polish remover and rub it on your nails, do this even if you aren’t presently wearing any Nail polish as it’ll remove oils or dirt from your fingernails.  And therefore make the polish stick to your nails rather than the oil.
  • Buff Nails: I’m influenced that nail buffers were put on this earth by the nail gods to make our lives simpler – these things are delightful!


  • Though I never go more than an hour or two without nail paint, I always buff my nails while changing the polish. The whole buffing procedure makes your nails primed and all set to accept a new nail polish. Eventually, your polish will stick better, and last longer if you have softened, buffed, and polished your nails. I do this whenever I give myself a manicure and it makes hell lot of difference. Do try it and see the magic yourself!


  • Apply Minimal Coat: Overdoing spoils…!! If your shade needs a few coats to give it some hit, then apply no more than three thin coats of nail polish plus your base coat and top coat. If you’ll overdo then polish will never dry and your manicure will peel like crazy.


  • Solidify: After you are all done with applying nail polish, just dip your nails in ice water; this helps a lot as it solidifies the nail polish and make it last longer.


  • Let it dry: Let your nail polish dry at least for 30 minutes. I know it’s hard to do 😀 but it’ll help a lot trust me. I always ensure to have a magazine to distract me as I wait! Even if your nails are dry after 10 minutes, the extra 20 will help stick the color and keep the flakes away!


Do you have any Nail Polish tips to share with us ?

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