How to Make Nail Polish


Hello Gals,

Today, I have a “Do It Yourself” post for you all and it is really simple and very glamorous. I will be illustrating you steps for making nail polish, yes you heard it right 😀 NAIL POLISH. Though available in numerous shades and colors, it might happen that you dint get the color that you are actually looking out for. In such conditions, the best option would be to get a shade of your choice, by getting artistic and making your own “nail paint”. I know it sounds strange, but the results are really good. Homemade nail polish is not just safe, but also gives you dazzling, beautiful and glossy fingernails. So, let’s learn how to make nail polish easily at home by following any of the following recipes:

Ingredients Required To Make Nail Polish:-


  • Colored Eye shadow of your choice (mineral is preferred due to its finer pigment texture)
  • Clear nail polish
  • Ear buds
  • A mixing bowl (disposable paper cup can work too :-D)


make nail polish


PREP EYE SHADOW: Begin by softly tapping a loose eye shadow into small mixing bowl. If you are using a solid eye shadow, scratch it out of the palette using a knife so that your nail polish contains no bumps. You must have about a spoonful of eye shadow powder, which will be sufficient for all 10 digits. For an exact quantity, tap eye shadow into a spoon before putting it into the bowl.

MIX IN CLEAR NAIL POLISH: Now use the brush of your clear nail polish to add 20-30 drops in bowl with the eye shadow; you can as well add it straight from the bottle if you’re confident. 😛 Now mix this mixture with the help of ear buds until they merge into a colored liquid form . If the mixture is too thick or too thin then adjust it accordingly by adding more eye shadow powder or more clear polish. Make sure you blend the mixture well.

PAINT: Because the mixture is exposed to air, it will dry fast, so start to paint your nails immediately. Use the brush of your clear nail polish to apply. Don’t worry—wash the brush with nail polish remover once you’re done (it will be as good as new!).

So, now enjoy making nail polish at home only. 😀 Once you know the procedure, you can directly make the mixture in clear nail polish bottle and then store it… 😀 I did the same 🙂 🙂

Do try and share your experience!!

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  1. Ooh…quite creative ! Super post…I wish we’d get empty polish bottles…I ko they r available at some places but can’t find them in pune.

  2. Hi, Manci. Your DIY nail paint was an excellent idea. I do mix 2 nail polishes to get a new shade. But this was a totally new idea. I would love to try it out. But i would have liked to see a photo of the end result or an application of the idea. Thanks for sharing it.


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