How To Make Natural Hair Dye


How To Make Natural Hair Dye

Thinking about dying your hair? Yet you are scared that those harsh chemicals might damage your hair permanently? Worry not! Help is at hand. Try out some of these natural hair dyes at home. But before you start running to the kitchen allow me to tell you about some of the pros and cons of natural hair dyes.

How To Make Natural Hair Dye


  • Chemical hair dyes( even those marked “natural) contains real harmful chemicals that can cause permanent damage to your hair and your skin. According to research chemicals like resorsinol, ammonium peroxide, can have the effect of damaging cell and cause allergic reaction. Whereas natural hair dyes contains absolutely no traces of these harmful chemicals.
  • Natural hair dyes are, goes without saying, way cheaper than chemical one.
  • These can be used as many time as you desire to.
  • You can actually customise your hair dye according to your hair type.
  • The herbs that you add to these dyes, you can either grow them in house, or otherwise they are easily available in the local markets and come rather cheap.
  • This point might have never struck you but going all natural means you are in a way saving the Earth. Cause all those chemicals that are flushed out when you wash your hair ultimately adds up to the already present mound of pollutants.


  • You get only natural looking colours from these hair dyes. Like black or brown or brownish red. But for those of you looking for off-beat colours, I am afraid natural hair dyes won’t work.
  • Natural hair dyes can be time consuming, as you have to make the entire thing yourself from scratch. And it is also possible that at time you might not have all the ingredients in hand.


It is always advised that you test the dye that you have made by applying it in just a few strands before you apply on the whole head. Just in case it doesn’t suit you somehow.

Now let us see what are some of the ingredients and recipes of natural yes that you can easily make for yourself at home.



This is the most popular natural hair dye. For this you will need-

Mehendi/ Henna leaves, which you will need to sun dry and crush into powder. Or if possible get organic Henna powder from a reliable store. The amount of powder and all the other ingredients actually depends on the length of your hair. Use already used tea leaves an boil them in water till the water reduces( say a measure of 2cups gets reduced to one cup), mix in the powder with this and leave in overnight. Next morning before applying this paste, mix in the egg white of an egg (NOT the YELLOW part) + a few heaped teaspoons of coffee powder. For those who cannot use egg like me, you can add in a few tablespoons of plain yoghurt. Mix well an apply this paste. Make sure you cover every possible strand of hair right from the root to tip. Use a shower cap. And try and keep the mixture on for 1-1 and ½ hours. And then was it off. Try not to shampoo that very day. But if you must then use the mildest possible shampoo. This will give your hair a nice reddish brown colour.


Coffee & Cocoa Facial Mask_cofee powder+homemade face mask

Using coffee is another wonderful way to get a rich brown colour on your hair. Simply brew a few cups of a strong potion, allow it to cool and then pour it all over your hair. Let this liquid stay on your hair for as long as possible. 20-30 minutes minimum. And then wash off using just plain water. Chances are that you won’t get a very strong colour on the very first day. So just repeat the process at least 2-3 more times till you get the desired hue. Or else like me you can also apply coffee paste instead of liquid coffee. Works equally well. But mind you the coffee smell does stay on for quite a few days if not weeks (obviously depends on the number of times you have used the dye).


lemon and cucumber shampoo

This concoction can be used to lighten the colour. Of course don’t expect blonde, but yes it does lighten the colour a bit. For this, just mix 1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice and 2cups of chamomile tea. Pour it over your hair and dry it in the sun for a while. And then rinse off.



Walnut shell powder gives a very dark brown color to your hair. Dry the shells grind them into powder. Boil it in water. Strain it and allow the liquid to cool. Then you can either pour the entire liquid on your hair or you can use a cotton ball to dab on the mix on to the gray strands only.

These are some of the simple natural hair dyes you can try at home. The ingredients are easily available and the procedure is not too lengthy.

Have you tried making your own Natural Hair Dye?



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