How To Make Natural Homemade Kajal/Kohl


Kajal is an inseparable part of woman. I have been using Kajal from the days when I was a primary school girl. With just Kajal around your water line and no make up makes you look very attractive. There have been so many brands that provide variety of kohl and Kajal for beautifying the eyes. No matter how many brands I have bought, I keep returning to my home made castor oil Kajal dibba. No kohl can really match this dibba of mine.

One major thing is, there need not be any fear of allergic reaction that can cause on using your own home made kajal. Another point is, no expiry date for the home made Kajal. And above all you know what you have used and what you have done to obtain the Kajal.

A very easy procedure. You will need some castor oil, a diya to burn the oil, a match box, a plate (preferably brass, or any thick plat of your choice for the carbon to collect), two steel flat bottomed bowls, a spoon, a small box and few drops of ghee.

Steps – How To Make Natural Homemade Kajal/Kohl

  •  Invert the two flat bottomed bowls.
  • Place the plate on top of the bowls creating a bridge.
  • Now, add some castor oil to the diya and burn the lamp.
  • Place this diya in between the two bowls under the plate bridge.
  • (Make sure there is sufficient place for the lamp to burn and it fire of the diya should touch the plate.)
  • After about 20 minutes or so, carefully lift out the plate. (Be careful, the plate is super hot. Use tongs or a cloth to touch the plate. )
  • The soot is collected on the bottom of the plate.
  • Now scrap this suit with a blunt knife or the end of the spoon and collect in a clean dry container.
  • Add 2-3 drops of ghee to the soot and mix will to make a black paste. Fill it in to a very small box. (I use steel box.)


Make sure that the ghee has to be in the right quantity. Too less ghee will make the Kajal very dry. And even a single drop more might make your Kajal to smudge. If the Kajal smudges, expose the open box of the Kajal to sunlight and dry the extra ghee. This will make your Kajal smudge free.

The only problem is the mixing of the soot with ghee can be done very well only with your index finger. This will leave your finger with traces of black for at least 2 days. And of course you will not be able to do a stylish conical structure of your Kajal. And also you will have to apply the Kajal on your water line with the tip of your finger. I am fine with all these issues.

Your home made Castor Oil Kajal is ready for use. Below is a pictorial representation of the procedure.

(You will need the following items)


kajal for eyes homemade+homemadekajal +kajal cosmetics


(Make the following arrangement with the lighted diya, plate and 2 flat bottomed bowls.)


kajal in eyes homemade+How To Make Natural Homemade Kajal


(Soot of the castor oil flame collected.)


is kajal good for eyes homemade+Recipe for homemade kaajal



(Scrapping the soot with the spoon end.)


homemade kajal recipe+home made kajal recipes


(Collected soot in a dry container with 3 drops of ghee added.)


homemade kajal for almonds+eyes kajal recipes


(Kajal mixed and ready for use.)


eye kajal at home+kajal recipes+Homemade Kajal or kohl Recipe


(Single swipe swatch of the kajal)



eye kajal swatches+homemade kajal swatches


Have you tried  Home made kajal ?C

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  1. super coolllllll …. and so easy it looks na :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  2. Wow nice one. In Goa we put kerosene in a bottle and a wick and its used for when there’s no electricity. The soot used to collect on the walls and other things on top of the flame. well I always thought it seemed like kajal but my nana (grandma in konkani) would never let us put it on our face. I dont know why. but does constitute as kajal? kerosene oil kajal?

    I know people even burn an almond instead of oil… Nice DIY chandni and very dark swatch

  3. yeah it’s amazing.. we always make it at home, my aunts prefer using it in a form of a powder it self.. dunno they find it better that way too… but all in all better than the ones which we get at the markets.. :-))

  4. Even we make kajal at home but this seems so easy.

    we soak the cotton wick in the juice of crape jasmine flower and dry it . this process is repeated for 5-7 days and then use the wick as u’ve done.

    i still have kajal made for my kids abt 7yrs back

  5. I remember my mom used to do this for some rituals.
    Ana, Can we add camphor to this? I heard we can add but not sure what amount? or at what time we can add and all?

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