How To Make Orange Color Corrector And Hide Darkcircles,Blemishes etc


Hey everyone!

Today I am going to show you how to make an orange color corrector and how to use it. If you  have extreme dark circles or blemishes which require lot of concealor layering then orange corrector is your thing.

Now why do we call it an Orange Corrector and not an Orange Concealer?

With concealor, we conceal dark circles but with corrector we neutralise the dark circle area .I personally like to apply corrector first and then conceal the area.I will tell you the benefits of that and differences ahead, first let us learn how to make the Orange corrector.

It’s pretty easy to make your own corrector .You need a liquid concealer and an orange or a red lipstick.If you don’t use liquid concealor then just use the outer rim foundation which gets collected on your foundation bottle.

Also, If you are blue toned then you should use pink corrector and people with olive skin tone should go for orange corrector.




Now start mixing the foundation with your orange lipstick.You have to mix the colour gradually into the concealor and corrector doesn’t have to be overly orange.It should be somewhat similar to carrot colour.




And here is my orange corrector.Also, if your skin has lot of golden undertones like me then you can try peach corrector as well .It really gives out beautiful glow.


orange color corrector how to


If you see in the below picture in the left picture I have layered concealer where as in the right picture I have applied the orange corrector followed by concealer.


Orange color corrector


One can even follow the same trick to hide age spots and blemishes. Just swipe the orange corrector once, followed by concealor. Your age spots, blemishes etc will look  much lighter .

You can prepare this in a small jar or if you want to buy some then  you can buy following products:-

1)Coastal Scents liquid color correctors.They just cost $4 and their whole kit is of $17

2)NYX  Jumbo pencil in orange and they have a Orange corrector

3)Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce and Tangy.

4)Kryolan Color corrector Paint stick 303

5)Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Cream 


If you have  redness problem then you will need a green corrector in fact color corrector works the best on women of colours. Those who have dull skin will need a lavender corrector to get that wonderful glow on the skin.



Have you tried  Orange color corrector ?


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  1. You do realise you are a cos-genius and that this if applied to your cheeks as well will give you the most godess like glow ever ? 😛 so prettttty. <3

  2. Its a great trick… I usually melt a piece of my stick concealer and pink lipstick to create a salmon tone color corrector…. it works pretty well

  3. ooh this is awesome ana :yes: :clap: I realized a few weeks back that i have a super-good color corrector in my stash. U’l never guess what it is….Young dicover youthopia foundation! It looks so orange on my skintone now that it works really well as a corrector 😀 The consistency is perfect too :yippee:

  4. Tips are really nice, will check out this one orange matte lipsticks tht i have and would look for kryolan pen correcter, we need lakme or colorbar to really come up with an orange correcter 😀

  5. gone threw your previous article about weight loss . got one doubt regarding it . Should we Soak ajwain in hot water or in cold water .


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