How To Make Orange Peel Powder At Home


How To Make Orange Peel Powder At Home

It is the season of yummy, succulent oranges. The orange lovers are busy getting high on them but wait! There is one more more thing that you need to remember- Do Not Throw Away The Peels. Orange peels are an amazingly effective skin-beautifying ingredient.

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Orange peel powder is very good for oily skin but can be used by all skin types. Some of the benefits of orange peels are-

  • It lightens skin ton without side-effects.
  • Orange peel powder reduces blemishes and pigmentation.
  • It cleanses skin and makes it glow.
  • Orange peel has both astringent and toner properties. That is it tightens skin, reduces oil, shrinks pore and maintains skin pH.
  • Orange peel helps in reducing blackheads.
  • Orange peel powder is a very good scrub and makes skin smoother.

Sounds promising. Right? You can use orange peel powder just with water or can make a variety of face packs with it. Check out one such recipe here.

It may sound like a lot of work to make orange peel powder at home and so most girls buy it from market. But as we all know that homemade is the best because we are sure of its purity. It is pretty easy too so just follow these steps.

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  • Wash 4 oranges properly. Select the ones that are fresh and of good quality.
  • Peel the rind carefully so as to leave out the internal white layer. The white layer is not bad but is just that the outer orange layer is a lot more effective and it is best to use it concentrated.
  • When you are done peeling, tear the peels into small pieces or simply cut them into thin strips. Smaller pieces dry quickly and are easy to grind.
  • Place the peel-pieces out in the sun for 3-4 days until they are completely dry. It is essential that the peels are totally dehydrated before grinding otherwise they will rot quickly.
  • Take the dried pieces and grind them in a mixer. Grind till you get a fine powder. You will love the refreshing fragrance.
  • Store the powder in an airtight jar. You can store it for a long time.

We have many face pack recipes with orange peel powder on our blog and you can find some of them here

Do you use orange peel powder?

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