How to make organic and herbal hair sprays for damaged hair and strong hold whole day

I love my hair and can spend any amount of money to make them look beautiful. I have tried almost everything to make my hair look stylish. From coloring to rebounding ,but afterward to my horror I realized ,how these chemicals spoiled my hair when I started suffering from hair loss and shine less hair. There was a time when I thought I will go bald and then I switched to herbal remedies. Thank fully I now have my shiny and thick hair back on which I am never going to use any colors.(I think so as these hair colors are so tempting that i can change my mind anytime)

As of now I don’t use any chemical based thing on my hair and therefore I have stopped using hair sprays as well. I am now using old famous herbal sprays which are so easy to make and are completely organic too. Those of you who don’t know what Hair spray is let me explain you that first.

“Hair spray (also hair lacquer, spritz, or sticky water) is used to keep hair stiff or in a certain style. Stronger than hair gel or hair wax, it is sprayed to hold styles for a long period. Using a pump or aersol spray nozzle, it sprays evenly over the hair.”

Below here are two herbal organic hair sprays in which one can be used to add body to damaged and dry hair and second is to add volume and to keep your hair style intact.

Let’s start with the first one which is lemon/orange spray

Take 2 cups of water and squeeze in one lemon juice in it. You can add one orange juice if you have dry hair. Boil it till the half of the amount stay. Filter it with a sieve. Let it get cool and store it in a spray bottle and keep it in the fridge. Easy and inexpensive isn’t?

If you find the spray too sticky then add little water. This spray will last only for a day or so but if you add rubbing alcohol as a preservative then it can be stored up to three weeks as well.

There is a trick of using this spray. If you want to add body to your dry hair then wet your hair first and then spray it. Also don’t use lemon hair spray while going out in the sun as it might lighten up your hair.You can opt for orange spray if you have to go under the sun.

Now coming back to second spray which is coconut spray.Surprised ???Don’t be

This spray prevents your hair from damaging and can be used every day. Don’t worry your hair won’t look sticky instead they will keep your hair style intact. It will give you super strong hold to your hair which you can flaunt anywhere without worrying about the side effects of any chemicals. So let’s start with second hair spray method.

Take 1 cup distilled water which is easily available on any medical store. Buy any brand bottle of your choice .Boil this water in a pan and add 5tbsp of light corn syrup. Keep stirring the mixture till it gets dissolved .There is no need to filter this syrup .Just add 9-10 drops of coconut oil and let it get cool at room temperature. Store it in a spray bottle and place it in the fridge.

You can spray according to the hold you want in your hair.


  1. You can get corn syrup from any store which keeps cakes and ice creams ingredients…It is a syrup made from starch of maize or corn

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  3. I have colored hair due to grey hair (whole head). Does lemon juice takes out the color? Most of your hair treatment uses either lemon juice or vinegar. I have dyd my hair for more than 35 years, I am close to 70 years of age therefore if I let it go my whole head will be white, white. Any suggestions, I have rice water, aloe vera gel, mayo, oilive oil, avocado but to no avail my hair is still dry.


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